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Why & How to Rewear Summer Essentials This Fall

Don’t toss those threads just yet! Pastels, frills and linens are the very essences of summer – but who says that they have to end there? As the pandemic continues to turn the fashion world on its head, former style rules are tossed aside. Swirls of burnt orange, suede and leather are on the go-to fall palette but that is not a reason to push your summer wardrobe to the back of the closet.

Learn how to incorporate both seasons while staying on trend this fall.


Experiment with yexture

The combination of hard and soft garments creates a striking look. Not only is it eye-catching to blend very different fabrics but it works for every season. A lightweight fabric like satin is gorgeous but without the complement of another texture, it becomes monochromatic.

To take the look up a notch, a mixture of satin and denim is the way to go. From the runway to Instagram, this fashion statement is killer! 

Turn summer colors into fall neutrals 

If you’re also obsessed with pastels and lighter hues, this will be your favorite fall trend. Pick your favorite color and choose a single garment that incorporates it. If white is the chosen color, then a bold white shirt may be the focus of the outfit.

Style the piece with darker fall hues like brown, black or gray and give life to an otherwise basic look. 

Layers on layers   

If you refuse to quit wearing that one summer dress, have no fear!

Style a basic top underneath it to match the cooler weather and transition your dress from summer to fall. Another major plus of this option is that you get to show off even more of your closet! This fit prime.

With these options, you will be on your way to building the perfect fall wardrobe with summer pieces! Fashion is the time to take risks so don’t be afraid to incorporate warm weather staples for the upcoming season. With the use of bold textures, colors and layers, your fit can go from picking strawberries in June to picking out pumpkins in October.

Everyone deserves to hear about these simple steps to achieving a fashion-forward fall so spread the word that this summer/fall closet collab is a match made in heaven. 

Victoria Marsh is a recent graduate of Elon University with a Bachelor of Arts in English!
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