How to Wear Boho Resort Style IRL

I can’t explain why, but every summer, a boho vibe somehow takes over my closet and my shopping brain. I don’t go on tropical vacations, and even though I’ve lived in Florida all my life, I don’t often go to the beach. And yet, every summer, I find myself wanting to dress like I’m omw to my summer home in St. Tropez.

Which would probably be fine, if I didn’t want to start dressing like a 1960s French movie starlet the second fall rolls around, but such is life.

Come on, guys. How cute is this? 


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For this week on Try the Trend, I leaned in to my resort wear inclinations and styled three outfits that bring tropical style to the city, or wherever you may be.

Because I'm obsessed with these heat wave-ready looks.


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Wondering how to get these warm weather styles irl? Well, that's what I'm here for. I styled three options based around some of my fave pieces, and they look pretty damn good if I do say so myself. Trust me: when it comes to surviving this weather, there's nothing quite like lighter fabrics, easy go-tos, and clothes you can actually move around in and feel like A Human.

Look 1: Simply Classic

For this look, the key was to unbutton most of the buttons except for a few in the middle, and tie the shirt up at the bottom. I also rolled the sleeves up and let the shirt slouch a little to make it look even more casual. Finally, I topped it off with some cute, simple jewelry from Veggani’s Laos Bombshell jewelry collection. I like how simple and cute these pieces are, and I LOVE how they help clean up leftover bomb shrapnel from the Vietnam war in Laos.

Look 2: Understated Chic 

For a slightly breezier option, I went with an understated, tropical floral-print bodysuit and a muted, green skirt. I think this outfit worked well because the flowers in the bodysuit were bird-of-paradise flowers, which communicated a tropical theme without the garish colors that most tropical prints use. I also specifically chose the skirt because it was the same shade of green as in the print, which made the outfit more cohesive.

Look 3: Cozy & Breezy 

For the last look, I went with some vertical-striped, wide-leg pants and an off-the-shoulder, smocked top. I like these pants a lot because they’re super comfy and breezy (which is ever crucial in this summer heat) but still look put-together. I went with sandals for this particular look, but I think it would do just as well with some white Converse. I really liked styling these outfits, especially because now I don’t have to think about what to wear for the next three days.

I’d love to see your takes on this trend, so make sure you tag @hercampusstyle on Instagram. Thanks for reading about how I tried this trend, and make sure to check back in a week for the next one!

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