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Satin and silk maxi skirts have hit staple status in the closets of fashion lovers. Now that everyone knows they are here to stay, it’s time to get more creative in how to style satin maxi skirts day-to-day, and day-to-night. They are no longer hard to find in stores, and regardless of your style personality, there is an option out there for you. (Maybe even three!) All of these styling ideas can work with the same satin maxi skirt, so you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on different skirts to try them all out!

First things first: Find your go-to skirt. If you feel confident in how often you’ll wear it (and are working on building your capsule wardrobe), I suggest investing in a good quality silk skirt. Silk is a more natural and durable fabric than satin, so it will last longer and look more luxurious. That being said, satin skirts come in so many fun colors and patterns that are not only more affordable, but so fun to experiment with! Whichever you decide to go with, I’ve got you covered with five new ways to style your sleek maxi for fall!

Cowgirl Boots

If you needed another reason to try out some cowgirl boots, here it is! Try out some high, low styling by pairing your fave satin maxi with your on-trend cowgirl boots. Perfect for fall, they add a casual edge to your otherwise upscale look. In the age of the coastal cowgirl aesthetic, there are so many cowgirl boot options for this look. Try a traditional pair, maybe a more subtly western-inspired boot, or a more fashion-forward, “steel-toe” pair.

Fitted Shirt & Big Cardigan

Highlight the sexy side of your skirt with a fitted top, but make it more wearable by adding an oversized cardigan on top of that. Play around with proportions here! Smaller sweaters may give your look a more feminine energy, whereas a baggy sweater will give it some more oomph.

Business Chic Button-Down

An oversized button-down is a hot trend this year. Switch that out for a tailored option if you want a more business-chic look. Keep on your sneakers while walking around town, and switch them out for some strappy heels for your evening plans. A true 2012 YouTube day-to-night look.


I’m not going to be another girl to tell you to pair a graphic T and sneakers with your satin slip. You already know that, and you rock it! Add something new to your slip and sneakers by pairing it with a basic cropped crewneck instead. It’s a fail-proof, cool-girl coded look.


Okay, so I’ve suggested several ways to dress down your look. But, if you want to dress it up and make it a hot dinner-and-a-show look, go monochrome with neutrals. Black is a go-to option that’ll have you looking sexy and instantly-put-together. If that’s not your style, winter whites could bleed into fall and I wouldn’t be mad about it. My favorite, though, is a neutral champagne or beige. Maybe it sounds boring, but I swear it is the perfect in-between. For fall, I would do this with a chunky sweater and tall boots. As months get colder, this look is perfect with a classic camel coat.

Chloe Parkins is a Her Campus National Writer for the Style section. Her favorite aspect of Style is fashion! Her jobs as both a Bridal Stylist at BHLDN in college and at Anthropologie post-grad have taught her even more about the world of fashion and styling. She graduated from American University in 2022 with her bachelor's degree in journalism with a minor in sustainability. Currently, Chloe works as a manager at Anthropologie and as a Barnes & Noble Bookseller. She recently began volunteering with Books are Wings, where she assists in their mission to provide children with regular access to books. This includes reading to kids in classrooms which she loves doing. Chloe grew up in Rhode Island; she loves spending time at the beach and swimming in the ocean. In her free time, she loves reading Sarah J. Mass, watching Dancing with the Stars, baking Trader Joe’s pumpkin bread, and spending time with friends (which post-grad can look like a lot of FaceTime calls to long-distance friends!). Chloe grew up dancing and continued in college through classes and clubs. Now, she looks for adult dance classes when she can!