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Thanks to These Two Organizers, My Beauty Products Are Always Instagram-Ready

To be honest, the amount of beauty products I own is… shocking. I have bins and boxes beneath my bathroom sink, I have some I keep in my closet and yet there they are, overflowing around my sink. I’ve tried it all. I give them away to friends. I tell myself I’m only going to leave out what I actually need. But then I realize that, well, today I want orange lipstick, not red, or it’s a little colder today so I want a different face oil, or what if instead of a seven-step skincare system, I went for eight, or nine? I thought that my problem with skincare was that the possibilities are endless, but, in reality, my problem was simple: organization. Or, rather, disorganization.

I was disorganized, and it was time to put an end to the maddness.

I started researching skincare storage, and it led me into the wild world of beauty organizers. From trays to stands to giant shelves to adorable, woven baskets, the possibilities are endless. I took to Reddit, which had a lot of opinions about cheap plastic organizers, so I learned that if I was going to do plastic, I should do a sturdy plastic. I took to Instagram, where I saw trays upon trays with adorable prints. Too, I took to Google and just saw what popped up.

Then, I came across these two beauties that I’m excited to share with you today. Because yes, I’m this excited about organizing my products.

The first beauty organizer I found love with was the Poise Accessory Organizer, which is $20 from Dormify. 

This one saves me when it comes to my daily skincare routine, as well as some extras. You’ll see I have serums at the top, featuring my favorite peel from The Ordinary, my Paula’s Choice goodies, and additional oils and lotions, like this shaving set from DeoDoc that makes me not hate my live when I decide to shave.

I also shove lots of scrunchies in this bad boy, and it holds it all without shaking, struggling, or giving me any stress about it one day snapping and my beloved (and expensive) products rolling free.

I keep my foundations and concealers on the second shelf. The simple fact that this has two shelves helped distinguish it from other organizers for me. It’s nice that it has multiple areas of storage, but it doesn’t have specific slots your products have to fit into like a lot of other ones I came across.

My tiny Flesh Thicksticks and larger perfumes sit comfortably along my tiny Almay makeup wipes, and I like to roll in some lipsticks and balms wherever I find additional space.

I really like the gold color of this. It feels elevated, and it hasn’t chipped or peeled despite me aggressively shoving prooobably too many products in it on a regular basis. 

The second one I fell in love with is the Clear Clarity Vanity Mirror, also $20, and also from Dormify.

I chose to use this one for my bedside table because yes, I have products I like to appy directly before bed. It perfectly holds all of my balms and creams, like my French Girl nightcream and my wide variety of lip balms. It is a gem when it comes to my jade roller, which, if ever broken, would cause me to cry a thousand tears.

This does have lots of handy holders, but I like it because they are kind of large squares, so they give me flexibility for my products. I can either stand everything up, as I do when I’m being organized, or I can just shove everything in there when I’m being lazy and just want to roll on some peppermint oil (buh-bye headaches) and head to bed.

Oh, and did I mention that it has a mirror? I looove this mirror. It’s large enough to fit my kind of giant face, and it has a sort of edgeless, modern feel, making it feel super minimalist and definitely not wasting any space at all that I could be using to pluck my brows or press in a face oil with extra decor.

It’s a mirror, and it holds my things, and it keeps it simple.

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