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Social Media’s Newest Rave Glass Skin: What It Is and How to Get the Look

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If you’ve been on the skincare side of social media in the past few months, then you’ve seen the insane rave about glass skin. If you haven’t heard of glass skin, it’s all about perfecting a smooth-looking skincare routine that makes your skin look fresh and helps create a solid base for your makeup. 

The term was originally derived from Korean Beauty trends but has recently reached the US. The goal is to have healthy-looking skin that treats wrinkles, looks dewy, and gives you a radiant face. Bonus: the effortless skin look only requires a few skincare products — all of which you can get at Ulta Beauty

One of the essential steps to this is to build your skincare products in layers. Here’s how to get started:


The most important start to your skincare routine is washing your face. Pro Tip: double cleanse your face to help remove excess oil and leftover makeup, moisturizers, and sprays from your day. By washing your face twice, you’re not only removing the oils from your face, but you’re opening up your pores and starting with a fresh base for your products. 

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ORIGINS Checks And Balances Milky Oil Cleanser + Makeup Melter


After cleansing your face, continue your skincare routine with a hydrating serum. Serums are one of the best ways to bring moisture into your skin during the warmer months, since they’re more lightweight than thicker cream moisturizers but still provide the hydration needed for the glass-like look. If discoloration or eye puffiness is one of your skincare struggles, a serum can also help you in that department!

DRUNK ELEPHANT A-Shaba Complex Eye Serum
GOOD MOLECULES Discoloration Correcting Serum


Moisturizer is a must for the glossy, fresh skin you’re looking for with the glass skin trend. Look for something that’s super hydrating and consider using a little bit more product than your usual routine! A mist-on option makes it easy to apply both before and after makeup. Another option: Snail Mucin, a popular ingredient in Korean beauty and one of the “Founding Fathers” in the glass skin process. The snail mucin rejuvenates your skin and also creates a great barrier for the sun as well. Who knew using snail slime would be so beneficial?

PEACH & LILY Glass Skin Veil Mist
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Hopefully, these products help you feel like the best version of yourself, but remember everyone’s skin is different. It’s super important to remember that the key recipe to glass skin is not just the products, but your overall care for your body! Treat your skin with kindness by making sure to stay hydrated, eat healthy, and wear SPF!

Imara Moore

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