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How to Incorporate Green into Your St. Patrick’s Day Makeup


With St. Patrick’s day right around the corner, collegiette’s around the world are probably searching for the best ways to use green in their makeup on that fun day. Well, look no further! The tips below will give you a range of options for how to use green in your St. Patty’s day makeup.



There are many things you can do with green eyeliners. If you want to use a pencil liner, then you can go for a more subtle look by lining your lower water line and tight-line. To make the color pop more you can also line your upper and lower lash lines and use a pencil brush to blend out the liner. If you want to go for a dramatic look, try to find a green liquid liner and create a thick winged out line on your upper lash line. (To get a bit cute with it, draw a 4-leaf clover at the end of the wing on the side of your face!)



Changing up your mascara color is one of the best ways to add some pizzazz to your makeup look. From far away, your lashes still look thicker and voluminous; however, from up close the pop of color gives your makeup a fun accent. To make your lashes really stand out use an eyelash primer first, and then apply your green mascara over the primer. (Try Maybelline’s Green Mascara if you are having trouble finding one!)



With green eyeshadow you can either take the dramatic / intense route, or the more subtle / elegant route. If dramatic is more your thing, find an opaque emerald green shadow and place it all over your upper lid, and slightly blend it under the first half of your lower lid. Take a fluffy brush and a neutral-tan shadow and use this to blend the green shadow out in your crease (this keeps it from looking sloppy or messy). If you want a more subtle look, use a deeper toned green shadow, and only place it on the outer half of your upper lid, and then slightly blend it into your crease using the tactic explained above.



You can incorporate glitter into your makeup a couple of different ways. For one, you can use an eye safe glitter on your eyelids. (Just make sure you hold a napkin under your eye when you are applying it so that it doesn’t fall all over your face!) The second way you can use glitter is by creating a fun eye-black type of look. This would probably be more appropriate for something like a themed party, but no matter where your wear it you will look spirited! 


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