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How To Get the Perfect Brow

It happens to the best of us. We overpluck, we don’t pluck enough, or we just give up altogether. Next thing you know, you’ve got something that vaguely resembles brows on your face but you have yourself asking, what are those?

For those of you who’ve ever found yourself at a brow low, HC has the down low on how to get the perfect brow for your face and other tips from Reema Khan, the founder of s.h.a.p.e.s. Brow Bar, which opened in Chicago in 2003 and has since expanded to 60 locations in six states across the U.S. 

The first step to the best brow is knowing what brow shape works best with your face.

Oval-shaped: An oval-faced shape is compatible with most brow shapes, but Reema says a slightly rounded arch is typically best. Don’t create too high of an arch, she warns — a steep arch can make your face look even longer.

Square: Avoid round arches, as they do not complement the more angular shape of your face and can look unbalanced. “Strong, angled eyebrows balance a strong jaw line,” Reema explains. “The peak of the brow is most effective when directly above the square of the jaw.”

Heart-shaped: Soften your look and emphasize the shape of your face with a rounded shape. “Too angular of a brow can create a severe, angry look,” she says.

Round-shaped: Arch that brow! “A higher arched brow is best since it gives the illusion of a more elongated face,” Reema explains, adding that it also thins round faces out.

According to Reema, it’s best to visit your salon for professional brow care ever three to four weeks, depending on factors such as extent of hair growth and upkeep between appointments. Reema suggests threading, which is beneficial because it does not require hair to be a certain length before it can be removed, she says.

So how do you take care of your brows in between appointments?

Every girl should own a brow brush, slanted tweezers and a brow pencil. When doing your own maintenance, Reema says to be careful when plucking from the top, as a wrong move can flatten or sharpen an arch too much — it’s best, she adds, to leave the top to professional waxers or threaders.

“A good rule of thumb for plucking is only getting rid of hairs that were originally removed by a professional or be conservative when you are unsure,” she says.

In addition to being conservative on the top, here are Reema’s biggest brow no-nos:

Do not over-pluck: Plucking away too much hair can lead to uneven shapes and gaps in the eyebrows. “When in doubt put the tweezers down!” Reema says.

Leave the ends: Shortening the length of your eyebrows will not only create uneven brows, but will also create the illusion of a rounder face.

When in doubt, go thicker: Leaving a thicker brow gives you room to fix mistakes. If you make a mistake and go too thin, there is not much you can do to fix it except to be patient and allow the hair to grow back.

From Reema’s tips on what to do and her warnings against what not to do, you can call yourself a brow pro. So go ahead and pluck away (but not too much!) with confidence!


Reema Khan, founder of s.h.a.p.e.s. Brow Bar


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