How to Get Away With Wearing the Same Coat Every Day

No one strives to be an outfit repeater. But when winter's chill comes calling, nestling into your go-to cold weather coat on the daily seems like the only practical option—leaving you prancing around campus in what looks like the same thing every single day. Whether we like it or not, coats will cover our ensembles throughout the chillier months, but that doesn't mean they have to hide our style (phew). Read on to see how you can revamp your everyday outerwear without breaking the bank on a closetful of options—we know just how to style a single coat like new.


Craving a look that's easy-peasy and extra warm? Anna-Lea from blog Fashion Hippie Loves wears a mimic-worthy ensemble. Simply layer a vest over or under your typical coat to create a textured, two-toned look. The two combined will give the illusion of being one seriously cool coat. 

Are you a die-hard prepster? Mix a quilted vest (try this classic from L.L. Bean, $149) with your anorak. Want to own a sportier look? Slap on a puffer vest (an inexpensive $29.94 option from Old Navy should do the trick) over or under your casual weatherproof coat. And if you're a true street style striver, pair fur (Aerie's got you for $41.97) with something wool—the possibilities are endless. 

Bundle Up 

Blanket scarves are taking the season by storm, and with what feels like endless fabric, these babies give any wearer endless opportunities. We're digging the thought of draping ours over our go-to coat for a splash of extra style, as demonstrated by brand blog Madewell Musings. Whether you tie one around your coat shoulders, leave it hanging straight and tucked under your coat collar, or belt it in place as an all-around top layer, you'll be upping your street (style) cred. 

And no matter how you pair it, you can't go wrong with a plaid pick in winter-worthy shades.

Love to Be Loopy

You never have to part with your everyday trench or peacoat, thanks to some not-so-basic belt loops. Grab hold of a silk scarf, à la blogger and stylist Jessica Rule, and loop it through the back of your coat, creating a bow or tie of your choice—the small accent makes a surprisingly big difference. Vary the shade, pattern and size of the scarves you choose to give your coat an endless supply of fresh opportunity (we adore this tasseled take from Nordstrom, $59.50).

Get Pinning 

The brooch trend took runways by storm this year and for good reason. We're fawning over how daringly chic street style icon Madelene Billman looks by pinning eye-catching graphics to her collar. Attach an assortment of smaller bling to create a removable pattern that looks built-in, or stick to one or two statement pieces to transform your typical style. And if you need somewhere to start, leave it to BaubleBar to tickle your fancy with a starry set of two ($42).

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Play With Proportions

Fashion girls all have one thing in common—they know how to play with proportions. Fashion Fade Magazine highlights a well-played street style look that proves our point. By combining a short coat with a long-line top (or shirtdress: Madewell, $79.50) underneath, you give the illusion of a one-piece, mixed media jacket. And for a sleeker silhouette, wear a monochrome ensemble to visually elongate your coat.

Fasten on Fur

Animal-inspired accents have stood the test of time, and we're all for embracing the never-fading fad. Take a hint from famous street styler Aimee Song and opt for a temporary fur fix (seriously—she DIYed that furr-ocious look). Simply grab hold of a faux fur stole or scarf (Topshop, $52) and attach it to the hood or collar of your coat with discreetly-placed safety pins. Say hello to a brand new look without any commitment—your secret's safe with us.

Tuck & Roll

If you're itching to put your under-outfit on display, look no further than this quick trick, inspired by a look on fashion blog Bittersweet Colours. See how lovely those knit stripes look popping out from under a wide sleeve? Achieve the same style by either rolling up your sleeves in the typical fashion, or by tucking them into themselves to create the illusion that your coat was designed to hang around the elbow. It's just another way to draw attention and meld a few patterns into one—just be sure to show off whatever eye-catching sweater or shirt you've worn underneath.

Belt it Out

Street style photographer Vanessa Jackman had the right idea in selecting this look for a snapshot—talk about chic! Switching up the shape of an old coat is easier than you think. Cinch your waistline in a pinch with a strategically placed belt (that isn't the belt your coat came with) and your look will be instantly elevated. Chunky or sleek, skinny or textured, the specifics can vary based on personal taste—no matter what, the addition will seriously up the wow factor on any common coat. Start off your collection with this chic cincher, which comes in five stylish shades (J. Crew, $29.50).

Give a Cold Shoulder

Captured yet again by the ultra-talented Vanessa Jackman, this image of revered street styler Margaret Zhang makes a worn old coat swoon-worthy. In fact, Zhang is a huge fan of the off-shoulder coat look, as seen by the endless variations splattered throughout her blog Shine by Three. The key here is to opt for a stimulating pattern worn beneath your coat that seamlessly (but unexpectedly) complements the coat itself. Keeping the shoulder down can be achieved by strategic belt placement (and some patience)—we promise, it's worth it for a look this posh. Of course, only you know if your shoulder is willing to tough out the accompanying chill.

With these smart strategies under your fashion tool belt, the horizons for your same old winter coat have been officially widened. And if that's not satisfying enough, you can tweak these tips to work with whatever you've already got—regardless of shape or style, these hacks will instantly amplify any outerwear. So what are you waiting for? Get styling!