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When Graduation Day finally rolls around (who knew four years would fly by this quickly?) you want your look to be on point. That means from top to bottom and mani to pedi. You already know how to stand out by accessorizing—here’s how to up your beauty game to the same level!

1. Wear your school colors

When you’re at graduation and already feeling nostalgic, we totally understand wanting to show off your school spirit—but wearing your school’s colors head-to-toe isn’t the best idea. Instead, wear them on your nails—whether you do stripes, polka-dots, colorblocking…or even alternating colors from nail to nail, if you’re not so skilled at nail art.

2. Go for a modern take on a classic look

Put a contemporary twist on the classic French tips. Use stick-on strips or tape to create a clean edge at the top of your nails for a no-hassle look!

3. Bubbly… or sparkly

What’s a celebration without a dash of glitter? Channel the bubbles rising in your champagne glass by brushing glitter on the tips of your nails.

4. Graduation art

If you’re super skilled, decorate your nails with graduation essentials like caps, diplomas and your class year—it’s a subtle way to celebrate the big day!

5. Summer inspo

Graduation is a bittersweet time—on the one hand, the thought of leaving your best friends brings a tear to your eye. On the other hand, you’ll never have to pull another all-nighter in the stacks again. Celebrate the onset of summer with these vacation-inspired nails!

Anais C. Corrales grew up in a Latino, Military family. She's the eldest of four children, studies writing at the Savannah College of Art and Design and struggles to find jeans that fit her petite frame. Her passions include: film, food, street style, reading and of course writing. Her hair colors have included: blue, pink, indigo, purple and red. She has ideas for essay collections, novels, short films, video games and web comics. She just has to find the time to create them.