In Honor of Taylor Swift's Comeback, We're Revisiting Her Iconic Style Evolution Over The Years

In case you haven’t heard, the internet is collectively freaking out right now at the possibility of Taylor Swift releasing a new album soon. There are countless theories if you want to read about them, but we figured we’d take this exciting time to reflect on how her style has evolved over the years.

Taylor seems to go through a complete style overhaul with each new album she releases. We all remember the cowboy boot-wearing, curly-haired Taylor Swift we first came to love, a far cry from the snake queen we were living for during the Reputation tour. If her latest Instagram posts are any indication, Taylor has another makeover coming our way very soon. While we all freak out as we try to figure out what to do with that information, let’s take a look back at Taylor’s style evolution over the years:

Boho babe 

Those curls. Those cowboy boots. Tim McGraw era Taylor was a country queen. Her songs were light and dreamy and her style matched! We can totally imagine our 9-year-old selves needing these outfits.

Fearless fashion

Petition to make fringe dresses acceptable everyday attire. While Taylor was still a country star during the Fearless era, she definitely upped the glam factor in her personal style. Just look at her work that hair. She knows she’s killing it.

Speak Now style

By the time Speak Now was released, Taylor Swift was a household name. I still remember blasting the CD in my best friend’s bedroom. Taylor was 20 when the album released and looked grown up as ever. We love her super feminine and soft glam style.

Seeing Red

Red was all about vintage style with a modern twist. Taylor was almost always spotted in retro accessories, from fun sunglasses to oxfords to hats. And of course, no look was complete without a swipe of her signature red lipstick.

80’s baby

1989 was dreamy crop tops and skirts galore - and that’s probably why it was one of my favorite Taylor Swift eras. As her first official pop album, it was full of fun, catchy songs that we could dance to all night long - in our cutest outfits, of course! Taylor’s matching sets became her signature look during this era and we were loving every second of it.

Big Reputation

To be honest, I wasn’t sure I’d like Reputation era Taylor when Look What You Made Me Do was first released because it was so scary different from anything she had ever done. But once the rest of the album dropped I was obsessed. Taylor’s style took a complete 180 during this era, but she totally pulled it off! The grunge look surprisingly works for her, complete with wavy bangs, military style jackets and a mostly black wardrobe.




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If her latest Instagrams are any indication, the next era of Taylor Swift’s style will have a colorful and fun vibe. We’re thinking along the lines of a mix between Speak Now Taylor and  California cool style. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

From country queen to grunge and everything in between, Taylor, we love you no matter what your style is (and are ready to become BFFs when you are).

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