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Here’s What We Saw During Day One of New York Fashion Week

For most people, the end of the week is near—but for the fashion set, the time to ~do work~ is just beginning. Yes—today marks the first day of fashion week in New York City, where designers have gathered to show their spring/summer 2017 collections to the masses. I stopped backstage at Brock Collection and got to watch the Concept Korea show—and here’s what you need to know.

Brock Collection

When I arrive at 8:30 am, the backstage of Brock Collection’s Spring/Summer 2017 show is already abuzz with hairdryers. Models are sitting in tall directors’ chairs having Tata Harper’s soothing serums spritzed and dabbed onto their faces. For some of them, Fashion Week actually began yesterday and, if they’re like me, anyway, they’re already combating a lack of sleep and a preponderance of schlepping all over town after only 24 hours. I am jealous of the Harper restorative eye cremes, fortifying body lotions and aromatic irritability treatments being patted into the models’ skin. Perhaps the latter most of all as I have not had my coffee yet today.

Post-intense hydration treatments, they head over to Maybelline’s makeup stations for beautifully undone looks designed by makeup artist Benjamin Puckey. There’s a soft pink cheek and a clean glow to all of them before long, followed by romantic, feminine hair spun like cotton candy at the top of their heads then falling gently on their shoulders by James Pecis and team. Despite the early hour, I notice many models smiling and laughing with their makeup artists, a sight all too unusual backstage. Perhaps their lightness is a reflection of the makeup, or perhaps it’s just too early to do anything else.

Brock Collection was inspired this season by New Mexico and Georgia O’Keefe, so the soft, unburdened unraveling of the hair and the fresh warmth of the face fall right in line with the elegant, airy designs.

Concept Korea

A hop, skip, and a jump away from Brock Collection at Milk Studios is Concept Korea, over at Pier 59. Concept Korea is a project whose goal is to highlight the fashion culture in Korea and develop its presence overseas. This season, which featured three designers of women’s wear, was sponsored by the Korea Creative Content Agency and the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. A literal orchestra of men in tuxedos—the New York Orchestra, to be exact—was set up in the middle of the space and they played K-Pop and American tunes reinvented by Korean composer and conductor, Wonhaeng Cho.

The collection I found most interesting of the show was Greedilous, designed by Younhee Park. In this collection, Park blended the graphic, streetwear aesthetic with feminine touches, a combination which yielded garments like a neoprene dress swirled in ruffles; a tube skirt printed with mirrored images and a Greedilous logo; black wide-legged trousers with a bold red stripe down the side a la athletic gear; and a red patent leather bomber jacket.

The athleisure/streetwear look is very on trend right now, but it was nice to see Park explore the trend instead of just duplicating existing ideas. And those trousers! I internally gasped when I saw them, thinking to myself how I must have them absolutely this very instant…though to be fair having the long legs to go with them would probably be a necessary first step.

Photos by Elyssa Goodman

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