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Here Are 7 Things You Can Buy For the Price of a Louboutin Lipstick

While we’re not opposed to the occasional beauty splurge, Christian Louboutin has certainly taken it too far. The brand, which brought us the iconic red-soled pumps, is adding to its overpriced beauty collection with a lipstick that will go for—wait for it—$90 a pop! The line includes 36 shades and 3 textures, and will be sold at Saks Fifth Avenue starting in September, just a little more than a year after the Louboutin nail lacquer ($50) made its debut.

Even though this lipstick comes in every shade you could ever want and doubles as a necklace (err, great?), we can think of so many better ways to spend our money. We did a little online shopping to find out what we could get for the price of this insane lipstick.

1. Gilmore Girls: The Complete Series on DVD ($89.99 at Amazon)

2. A 9-month subscription to Birchbox ($90)

3. A 9-month gym membership ($90 at Planet Fitness)

4. 10 Chipotle lunches WITH guac ($9 each)

5. Kate Spade mini wallet ($88)

6. J.Crew earrings ($88)

7. Ed Sheeran concert ticket ($79.50 at Live Nation)

What would you buy with $90, collegiettes?

Iris was the associate editor at Her Campus. She graduated from UCLA with a degree in communications and gender studies, but was born and raised in France with an English mother. She enjoys country music, the color pink and pretending she has her life together. Iris was the style editor and LGBTQ+ editor for HC as an undergrad, and has interned for Cosmopolitan.com and goop. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @irisgoldsztajn, or check out her writing portfolio here.
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