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Heidi Klum: Supermodel, Supermom and Super-Short Skirts

If you think you have an impressive résumé, think again. Glamour Magazine’s August covergirl Heidi Klum (prepare yourselves) is: a model, a television host, a businesswoman, a designer, an actress, a television producer, a singer, a wife, and a mother. I know what you’re all thinking: How in the world does she do all that in stilettos, sequins, hot pink pants and a big black hat?

At age 38, Heidi isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Project Runway is going into its ninth season, and the former Victoria’s Secret supermodel says that as of right now, there isn’t an end in sight.

“I’m going to be 80, walking with a stick down the runway,” she insists.

I don’t do math, but I did the math on this one. If she, at 38, holds enough jobs to count on her two hands, by age 80, will have at least double that. Are there even enough career paths out there?

For now, though, it looks like Heidi’s staying within the realm of fashion and entertainment (which is apparently good news, as she claims to be “bad at reading”). She’s known for her bold sense of style, which began in her youth.

“When I was younger, I had a perm, and it was really big. My mom was a hairdresser, so even my dad had a perm!” she exclaims. “I looked like a poodle, but it was cool at the time.”

Though big hair is no longer a trend she’s following, one outfit she’ll always love is sleepwear. According to Heidi, if there was one thing she’d never change out if, it’d be her pajamas.

“I have a whole army of pajamas,” she says. Seal, who Heidi says is very European, typically prefers pajamas and slippers to lingerie, but notes that “we start off wearing pajamas, and sometimes they come off!”

It’s debatable whether or not fellow Project Runway personality Tim Gunn would approve of such a fashion choice, but Heidi says that Tim has never given her style advice because he is “so polite.”

“He would never say, ‘Why are you wearing this?'” Heidi says. “Michael [Kors] is a little bit more…well, he always jokes with me. He says that my skirts are really short. He calls it fallopian length. He teases me.”

If there’s anybody who loves a “fallopian length” skirt, though, it’s Seal. Having been married for six years, the couple renews their vows each year — and they’ve got the perfect relationship.

“He’s even hot when he’s sleeping. He’s a beautiful man. He’s kind, he’s a gentleman, and I watched him last night onstage, and he still rocks it. I’m like, ‘Yeah, that’s my man!'” Heidi says. (Wait…so they still make them like that? Where can I find one?)

Though Seal is all about PJ’s, Heidi says that a little lingerie never hurt anybody.

“There’s nothing wrong with a nice garter belt,” she says. “I’m not saying you have to put a pole up in your bedroom and start swinging off the rafters. But I love that sometimes…it’s fun to sauce it up a little bit.”

But oh, if only we looked as good…and with four kids?! According to Heidi, the secret is in strength training.

“As girls, we all have the same issues: the stomach, the love handles and the thighs,” she explains. Preach.

Alice is the Senior Associate Editor at Her Campus. She graduated from Emory University in 2012 as an English major and a Dance minor. Before joining Her Campus, she was an associate editor at Lucky Magazine. She is currently located in Salt Lake City, UT, where she spends her free time rescuing orphaned kittens, whose lives are documented on Instagram at @thekittensquad! You can find her on Twitter and Instagram at @alicefchen.
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