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Gwyneth Paltrow is Launching an All-Natural Beauty Collection

Gwyneth Paltrow seems to always have a new project going on. To nobody’s surprise, she’s launching her own beauty collection—all natural, of course. The collection, which will be a part of her online-based brand Goop, will be available starting January 2016. Properly named Goop Beauty, the line will be done in conjunction with other all-natural beauty brand, Juice Beauty. 

Today, with an increasing amount of gluten-free, all-natural and organic lifestyle followers, there must be a leader to inspire them. Paltrow is just that! She’s notorious for promoting detoxes, healthy living and the like. With so many beauty products that fail to meet the needs of such lifestyles (they often contain gluten and parabens among other harsh ingredients), those look for a truly all-natural regimen will be please to know the Goop Beauty line won’t contain those ingredients.

Paltrow fanatics can expect to find toner, cleanser, serum, moisturizer and even an anti-aging treatment from the line. Not only will these products actually be good for you, Goop Beauty will also include customer education for these products. It’s an important step to note, as the beauty industry shares little info with its customers, who have no idea what they’re putting on their face. Many believe a product is okay to use when they see the words, “green,” “pure” and “organic” on the labels, when in fact they need to understand the ingredients that are going on their faces. Making sure that customers are knowledgeable of that is one of Goop Beauty’s main missions.  

So stay tuned for Goop Beauty in the next few months. If you happen to be a natural-beauty fanatic or skincare junkie, this collection may as well be the ticket to achieving Gwyneth Paltrow’s flawless skin!

Sophia Borghese is a Strategic Communications major at Ohio University. She is always excited to write stuff for Her Campus.  Sophia has writen for her university's fashion magazine, Thread, for over three years, and loves to write beauty related articles the most. Many of the makeup looks in the magazine are done by her as well. Most people associate her with bright lipstick, and her Instagram account Sophia Makeup Artistry. She loves to stalk great makeup artists, read up on the latest beauty trends and shop at Sephora whenever she can.  Alongside her interests in beauty, she is obsessed with sushi, pugs, Madonna and her favorite band Incubus.  Professionally speaking, she wants to continue to be a makeup artist, and work as a freelance beauty writer while partaking in the beauty PR world. 
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