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Guys, Emma Roberts Got a Serious Set of Bangs & She Looks So Different

During the 2018 Critics Choice Awards, Emma Roberts debuted the most gorge baby bangs of all time. Honestly, she’s a lot braver than us because bangs are hard AF to pull off. Coupled with a full-length white gown, Emma was basically glowing––we couldn’t help but notice that she looks like a different person. Maybe it’s her new earrings? A new shade of lipstick? Ah, maybe she went tanning? Nope. The blunt bangs are just doing wonders for this girl’s look. 

PEOPLE explains that Roberts attended the awards show to support her boyfriend, Evan Peters, who was nominated for Best Actor in the Movie Made for TV or Limited Series category. But tbh, her hairdresser should’ve gotten a nomination too for making bangs look so innovative.

Though we love to see Roberts change up her look, some Twitter users were rather rude about her new look.

Obviously, people are hating because they’re too afraid to don a new hairstyle themselves. This drastic look isn’t for everyone, but we can’t help but get inspired by Robert’s new ‘do.  We completely understand if you aren’t committed to lobbing off your locks just yet––after all, bangs are a serious commitment to make. Thankfully, inexpensive faux-bang headbands exist to keep you from spontaneously demanding bangs at your next hair appointment. 

Regardless, it’s evident that 2018 will be the year of edgy haircuts and style.

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