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6 Graduation Nail Ideas From TikTok, Because You Nailed It

I graduate from college in one literal week and it’s safe to say I’m incredibly emo. Thankfully, I already found the perfect graduation dress and shoes for the big day. But, I’m high-key stressing: On the one hand, I’m nervous about the job search, on the other hand, I’m staring in disgust at my horrible nails. They are actual stubs right now. Grads, we can’t walk across that stage and grab our hard-earned diploma with yucky nails. A trendy manicure is all you need to help you feel confident on your graduation day and make your cap and gown pop — and TikTok has some great inspo for graduation nail ideas. 

Luckily, graduation season is in the middle of spring, with summer right around the corner. Spring and summer call for fun and fresh nails. You can never go wrong with a French tip or floral nails at this time of year, but there are many more nail designs that are popular right now that would also kill at graduation. From French chrome to butter nails, spring 2024 is getting creative with this year’s nail trends. I’ve compiled six of my favorite trending nail looks that will absolutely slay while you hold your diploma. 

French Chrome 

French chrome nails are exactly what they sound like: French tips with a chrome effect added to them. These take French tips to a whole new level and I’m in love with them. You can get French chrome on your natural nail or add some acrylics for length. Either way, they’re perfect if you’re looking for a more subtle nail design on graduation day. 

Aura Nails

Want a pop of color during your grad ceremony? Aura nails might be the way to go. Dua Lipa recently posted an Instagram pic of herself with aura nails on April 27 and now I need them. Aura nails create the illusion of a blurred orb (your aura) starting from the middle of your nail and expanding out. Pink and white aura nails are perfect for spring, but this trend works with any color. Choose your favorite color or match the aura to your dress for these beauties. 

Bubblegum Pink Nails

If you want a splash of color that’s less vibrant, I highly recommend bubblegum nails. This light pink is super dainty and subtle, so it won’t clash with your outfit on grad day. (They’re also super easy to DIY). Makeup TikToker Jacy Hanna absolutely ate with her bubblegum nails. 

Butter Nails

It’s impossible to misstep with pastels in spring. Butter nails are such a vibe. These pastel yellow nails can also be made chrome yellow for an extra bit of flare. TikToker Avery Woods got butter chrome nails for her birthday in April and they are literally perfect for spring and summer. Why not wear them to graduation too? 

Jelly Nails


trying jelly nails for coachella ✨💅🏻 #nails #jellynails

♬ original sound – NIKI

This one is for all of my anti-acrylic, small-nailed grads. Jelly nails are super customizable, so you can choose any color you like with these. What makes these nails unique is that they look 3D. After applying gel, a clear ‘jelly’ polish layer is placed on top. The jelly polish is the magic step. It’s what makes these nails look glass-like. There are so many different ways to wear jelly nails, so go crazy!

Nude Floral Nails


The perfect nude with the most effortless flowers 🌸💅🏼 @NailzKatKat • BEELO10 • affiliate Natural Rubber Base French Tips White @beetlesgelpolish Blooming Gel Linked in Amzn SF 🫶🏼 #naildesign #nails #nailinspiration #simplenails #naturalnails #almondnails #diynails #nailsathome #springnails #nailtutorials

♬ original sound – ur mom <3

These nails are pretty self-explanatory. You can’t go wrong with an elegant nude nail look. Paint some white floral accents on top and it’s giving college graduate icon. 

From chrome to aura, spring 2024 has delivered some show-stopping nail trends for us grads. BRB, I gotta book my nail appointment right now. 

Zetta Whiting

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