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Spotted: The Trends Everyone Will Be Wearing in the ‘Gossip Girl’ Reboot

Hey, Upper East Siders — Gossip Girl here. ICYMI, the iconic series ‘Gossip Girl’ is getting a reboot and coming to HBO soon, complete with up-to-date takes on social media and social issues. “It’s just a new look at this particular society in New York, the idea being that society changes constantly,” screenwriter Joshua Safran told The Hollywood Reporter.

One other big factor of Gossip Girl, though, is fashion (and that has certainly changed, too). Something’s telling me these fresh faces won’t be toting Blackberrys and donning ballet flats. So what kind of looks should we be expecting from these new Upper East Siders? Scroll on for my predictions: 

Square Toe Heels



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It might be the age of sneakers, but we’re talking about Manhattan’s elite here. Heels dress up any outfit, and the newcomers are sure to jump on the square toe trend. Maybe we’ll spot them paired with the school uniforms?




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Gone are the cropped, one-button blazers of the ‘00s. I’m thinking oversized, menswear-inspired blazers layered over crop tops and graphic tees. We’ll probably see some blazer dresses too. 

Slip Dresses



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Sexy, slinky dresses are a definite yes for this reboot. Slip dresses are perfect for hitting Chanel, eating macarons or visiting one of many boyfriends. These go well with sneakers, heels or chunky boots.




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Though I’m sure our new Upper East Siders will be hitting Soul Cycle and Barre classes, they’ll also be wearing more athleisure looks like joggers and biker shorts. We’ll see them paired with graphic tees, crop tops or button-down shirts. 




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Speaking of athleisure: mixed in with the heels, we’ll definitely be spotting some more comfortable footwear. Nike Air Force 1’s, Adidas Falcons and Reeboks will most likely make an appearance. These guys are perfect for running all the way from Hermes to Gucci. 

Midi Skirts



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Midi skirts will be seen at family brunches, coffee dates and shopping excursions. We’re sure to see the obvious leopard print midi skirt mixed in, as well as classic solids. Mini skirts won’t disappear though — it’s Gossip Girl.

Crazy Sunnies



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Big, small, neon or animal print, I think the new Upper East Siders will be sporting some statement sunnies to accessorize their looks. I’m predicting indie brands like Crap Eyewear will make an appearance alongside designers like Gucci and Versace.

Hair Clips



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Will the new Queen B switch out headbands for hair clips? I’m imagining resin, acrylic and gold details, as well as some neon clips. I’m sure we’ll still see a headband mixed in here or there, too. 

With social media being introduced, everyone is Gossip Girl. But can everyone keep up with the fashion? Only time will tell. See you soon, Upper East Siders! XOXO, Gossip Girl.

Maya is a senior majoring in journalism at Boston University. She has previously written with College Fashionista as an editorial fellow and FASE Magazine as a fashion editorial intern. Passionate about writing, thrift shopping, memes, skin care, and binge-watching Broad City.