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closet check skyy walker-davis
closet check skyy walker-davis
Photo by Shandin Muldrow
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4 Of My Go-To Outfits As A Grad Student, & All The Shoes To Match

In Her Campus’ series Closet Check, we’re getting a look inside the closet of a college student and learning all about how they put together their favorite outfits. In this piece, we talk to Skyy Walker-Davis, a grad student at Vanderbilt who loves to switch up her shoes as much as her outfits.

Name: Skyy Walker-Davis, 21

Year: Graduate student

School: Vanderbilt University

Where do you live? Off campus in an apartment

These responses have been edited and condensed for clarity.

The Closet Check

In my new apartment, I have two sides to my closet, and that has made all the difference! I try to keep things color-coordinated as well, but because I have a shopping addiction I’m adding stuff every week, and it sometimes gets out of wack!

There’s a lot going on in my closet, but I promise there is a method to the madness. I also have entirely too many pairs of sneakers because I’m a sneakerhead, so there’s even more shoes stacked on shelves under the clothes that are hanging. I have so many — there’s probably still 200+ pairs in my closet at home, too!

Creating The Fits

Putting together my outfits depends on my mood, if my hair is done, and the weather. I really like to play around with colors and colorblocking. But if my hair isn’t done? You can forget it. A matching jogging suit set it is! I also try not to repeat the same shoes often, since I have so many. I keep a strategic rotation, so I never feel like I’m in the same thing too often.

closet check Skyy Walker-Davis
Photo by Skyy Walker-Davis
Skyy Walker-Davis closet check
Photo by Skyy Walker-Davis

What I’d Wear: On A Date Night

date night look Skyy Walker-Davis
Photo by Skyy Walker-Davis

A Fashion Nova FIT! The dress is Fashion Nova and boots are SHEIN. My glasses are from Tiffany & Co. I love the way I felt in the dress. I felt confident and beautiful!

What I’d Wear: To An Internship Interview

Skyy Walker-Davis interview outfit
Photo by Skyy Walker-Davis

I love a good cardigan! They’re truly my current obsession. Beyond that, the pants are Jordan, and I always feel confident wearing anything from that brand.

What I’d Wear To: A House Party

house party look Skyy Walker-Davis
Photo by Skyy Walker-Davis

Another Fashion Nova fit — they really get all of my coins! 😂 The shoes are a Billie Eillish x Jordan collab. I love to be comfortable more than anything, so you’ll see my go-to is always a pair of Js. Little T, big pants is the way for me!

What I’d Wear To: Class

class outfit Skyy Walker-Davis
Photo by Skyy Walker-Davis

Another cardigan — I told you! Actually found this one at a grocery store (weird, I know), but she’s quickly become a favorite for me! At my business school, the attire is business casual, but I typically freestyle because I refuse to be confined to a blazer and button down every day!

Skyy Walker-Davis

Vanderbilt '24

Originally hailing from Charlotte, NC, I am a recent graduate of The University of Kentucky, I am currently pursuing my Masters of Marketing at Vanderbilt University. Upon the completion of my program I plan to find a job where my creative capabilities will be able to flow freely. I have a passion for all things social media and outside of content creation on my own channels, I've run the pages of several people and companies and feel it is my sweet spot! I've been member of Her Campus for nearly two years now and love the intersections of all of my favorite things such as style, culture, and creativity.