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Honestly, These Glossier Dog Toys Would Make For Great Pillows

Glossier has teamed up with an unexpected partner to put out a line of adorable dog toys that I’m obsessed with. The Glossier x BARK collection is making two of the beauty brand’s most iconic products—Balm Dotcom and Boy Brow—into plush toys for your four-legged friend, but I’m personally sold on using them to upgrade my bed pillow situation.  

As of Sept. 6, both of the offered products,Toy Brow ($10) and Balm Dogcom ($8), became available for both online and in-person purchase. Not only are the toys startlingly realistic to the product packaging we know and love, but the Toy Brow actually pulls apart to reveal a brow wand for your pup to play with. Treat your pet or add these to the ever-growing pile of decorative pillows we all rely on for peak comfort and happiness. Either way, these pillows are a must-have.




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At first glance, there may not seem to be a ton of overlap with these markets, but it turns out Glossier is just as dog obsessed as the rest of us. BARK is known for putting out fun and unique collections to “satisfy each individual dog’s distinct personality and preferences”—much like Glossier is known to do for their human counter-parts. Combined with their headquarters close locations in New York, a natural collaboration was born.

This may be one of the most random brand collaborations we’ve seen yet, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s not worth our time or money. Whether you’re a die-hard Glossier fan or just think it would be cute to see your dog running around with some lip balm, this is the collection for you. 

The collection will be available online at the BARK website and in the beauty brand’s LA and New York locations, but only until supplies run out!

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