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Global Fashion: Five Trends from Five Countries

With internet, television, and airplanes, the world is growing ever more globally-oriented. It’s definitely a great thing for all the fashionistas out there, because it widens the pool of possible fashion influences! From England to Spain, here are some of my favorite trends from a handful of my favorite European countries.


Prints are all the rage in England this season! Whether big and blocky shapes or lady-like paisley, fun prints are a great way to dress up any outfit. If you’re feeling bold, check out this cute TopShop find ($30).


As always, quality is the key in Germany. Think simple: pair a crisp white shirt with a full skirt and a high quality statement piece or two for the cute, classic look ($89, Champs Élysèes).


There’s a definite 60s Mod flashback theme to a lot of Italian collections that debuted at the Fall 2011 Fashion Week in Milan. And the best part? Shift dresses! They’re pretty comfy, easy to throw on (come on, a one-piece outfit? Yes!), and there are a lot of different looks to choose between within the category! This Karen Millen Sixties Shift is just too cute (£54.66 Karen Millen).


Apparently headbands aren’t just for little girls anymore! French Vogue has them scattered all over some of their recent issues. The trick to pulling it off? Don’t wear it like you did when you were a little girl. ($38 Asos)


It looks like it’s going to be all about geometry this fall – boxy jackets, geometric cut outs, you name it! This can definitely be an intimidating style, at first, but it’s really not that scary. You don’t have to walk around in a box, or try Lady Gaga-esque costumes on, to make it work. A boxy coat can do the trick ($29.95 H&M)

And, as always, the best way to work a trend is make it your own! Feel free to mix and match trends at will, as well as throw in your favorite staples.

What’s your favorite trend right now?

Danai Kadzere is a Human Evolutionary Biology Concentrator at Harvard College. In addition to Her Campus, she blogs at http://living-learning-eating.blogspot.com and loves acting, reading, writing, fashion, trying new things, yogurt, apples, and life. After college, she's being absolutely ridiculous and moving at NYC to be an actress or a poor writer (whichever sounds more plausible to you).
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