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Gemstone Hair Is a Thing & You Need To Try It ASAP

Rainbow hair colors have been somewhat of a trend for awhile now, but this colorful look just got upgraded with a geode-like touch

Looking into a sparkling geode is frickin’ mesmerizing—and the same goes for this geode-inspired hair:

Cherin Choi is the L.A.-based hair stylist who pioneered this amazing look. In an interview with Refinery29, she shared her secrets for how to achieve the iridescent color. “The lightened hair is lifted to a pale yellow, then is toned to a blondish white using Redken Shades 9v/clear to eliminate yellow,” she told R29. “The hair is completely dried, then the amethyst purple is applied on the mid sections, then the moonstone blue onto the very tips. I use a brush and emulsify with my hands to blend the colors.” This is supposed to help make the growing-out process much easier, and helps to blend the color into a beautiful sombre.

You can even add a touch of glitter to enhance the gemstone affect:


Found this gem using @arcticfoxhaircolor @pravana on my fave @ghoulswithglitter #honeyhousehair

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Colored hair has always been in, but this trend just might be my favorite. Why, you ask? Because even though purple and blue don’t seem like very subtle colors, the overall effect it has on your look is very minimal. If done right, this jewel-toned hair leaves you with just a touch of geode. And who doesn’t want to look as beautiful as a gemstone?

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