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Danielle Tullo
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7 Hilarious Doormats Your Floormates Will Be Jealous Of

It’s hard to get up and get moving in the morning, I get it. Coffee helps, but sometimes there’s not enough java in the world for me to be happy about leaving my cozy nook and dealing with my 8 a.m. American Politics class. I do have a solution for you, though. It may not actually be a solution, but it will do one of two things, if not both: It will leave you with a laugh or smile, and probably up your clout among your neighbors. So let’s make those floormates jealous with some floor mats! I provide you here with seven of the most inspiring, hilarious, and adorable doormats that you need right now to revitalize your front door. 

1. Shut the Front Door

Shut The Front Door Doormat, Available on Etsy, $43; Shop Now ​

Shutting the door is probably a smart idea. Also, I think my Grandma says this when she’s surprised. 

2. Schrute Farms

Schrute Farms Doormat, Available on Etsy, $30; Shop Now

Office fans anyone? Dwight is personally my spirit animal, if you were wondering. 

3. Hi I’m Mat. 

Hi I’m Mat. Doormat, Available on Etsy, $45; Shop Now 

This is like when you say “I’m hungry” and your dad says, “Hi hungry, I’m dad.” 

4. Beer and Dog Treats

Beer and Dog Treats Doormat, Available on Etsy, $39; Shop Now

The mat doesn’t lie. Dog moms and tacos have requirements. 

5. Procaffinating

Procaffinating Doormat, Available on Etsy, $34; Shop Now

As my friend Juan likes to describe it, “Coffee: made from beans sculpted by the Greek gods themselves, roasted by our majestic sun, and brewed with the clearest of our water.” Also helpful before a stressful day. 

6. Babe Cave

The Babe Cave Doormat, Available on Etsy, $43; Shop Now

Yes, girl, you transform your space into an independent hangout space with wine and dogs!

7. Wine/Work

Wine Work Doormat, Available on Etsy, $35; Shop Now

Priorities. Pass the Merlot.

Sometimes we take life too seriously. With work, school, friends, and drama it’s easy to get so overwhelmed and it’s good to realize that life isn’t that serious. Having a daily reminder to smile right when you walk out the door could be the missing piece to your puzzle. So go do the thing! Go buy that welcome mat and name it “Mat.” Be silly and have fun! 

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As a rising senior at Florida State University, Jenna loves to play Ultimate Frisbee, write, run, read, edit and everything in between. She is a current Lifestyle intern at Her Campus in Boston and is currently discovering the city girl she never knew she was. She is so open to new people and experiences and is excited to see what the world has to offer. Also, dogs.