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Four Summer Hairstyles to Beat the Heat

It doesn’t get any worse than getting up just a little earlier in the morning to style your hair perfectly then stepping outside only to have it double in size because of the humidity.  There is nothing like a hot, humid summer day to ruin a good hair day.  But, being the chic college girls we are, there is no excuse for letting the humidity control our style.  E. John McGarvey, owner and head stylist of Les Cheveux Salon in West Hartford, Connecticut is here to help us.  McGarvey is one of the most well-known hair stylists in Connecticut, having done work for local television personalities, models, and politicians.  McGarvey gives Her Campus four summer up-dos that will conquer even the worst summer weather.  

Before picking a hairstyle, most importantly, always start with a base.  “Summer hair is supposed to look not so much unkempt… as effortless. It also needs to be layered, with no blunt ends,” said McGarvey.  As for summer hair texture, McGarvey suggests matte versus shiny. “Work it with a combination of thickening spray, surf spray and hair powder to rough up the texture, let it air dry for personality. I like styles that look like there is no product and look like they just happened.”   McGarvey suggests Bumble and  bumble hair powders and sprays to create this “effortless” look. Now for the styles!

1. Braided Bun   

How-To: McGarvey suggests finger-combing hair gently  into a ponytail and tie with an elastic.  Then loosely braid  the ponytail so that it is wide, and again tie the end of        the braid with elastic.  Then turn the end of the  braid  under head and secure at the nape with  hairpins (make  sure the braid covers the elastic).  Finish off by pinning      the sides of the braid into the head for extra support.    McGarvey also suggests wrapping  a scarf around the  elastic for some extra flair.


    2. Chignon at crown 

    How-To: Again, finger comb your hair into a ponytail at the crown  of the head and tie with an elastic.  McGarvey suggests using a rat  (a hair piece found at most beauty supply stores that is an elastic  covered in fake hair) if you have short or thin hair. Then tease the  ponytail for volume, and wrap hair around the elastic or rat to form  a large chignon (sheen-yon), or bun.  Secure with hairpins. 



        3. Low side chignon 

         How-To: Begin with back combing (brush, or tease your hair  towards your head, the opposite way of normally brushing your  hair) your full head of hair to your desired amount of volume.    Then finger comb your hair into a ponytail at the back side of the  head behind the ear and tie with an elastic (make sure the ponytail  is tied on the side of the head, not the center). Tease ponytail for  more volume and loosely twist into the head around the elastic and secure with hair pins. McGarvey suggests wearing a headband for more “vibe.”  

        4. The Fierce Ponytail

         How-To: Run your fingers through your hair with gel, starting from  the top of the head all the way to the ends.  Then pull your hair back  tightly and tie with elastic underneath the crown.  Tease hair to  preferred amount of volume to contrast the tightness of the  ponytail.  This style looks great paired with big earrings. McGarvey  uses Bumble and bumbles’s Grooming Crème and Surf Spray to  create the natural summer looks for most of these styles. 


        E. John McGarvey, owner and head stylist at Les Cheveux Salon

        Becki Newton photo

        Victoria Guerrera, 2011, from Rocky Hill, Connecticut, is a junior Print and Multimedia Journalism major at Emerson College in Boston. Victoria started out as a Features Writer for em magazine, a fashion and lifestyle magazine at Emerson College, then became the Features Editor her sophomore year, and is now a Co-Editor-in-Chief of em magazine. Victoria has been a summer editorial intern for Us Weekly Magazine and Hartford Magazine. She enjoys shopping, playing volleyball, Andy Warhol, celebrity news, watching Project Runway marathons, and reading tons of magazines. After college, Victoria plans to pursue a wonderful career as a magazine journalist.
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