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Five Best Friends with Great Style

One of my favorite parts of having a best friend is knowing she’ll tell me when I’m rocking a new pair of summery floral capris and when it’s time to put the chunky winter sweaters into storage…permanently. And so, in honor of National Best Friends Day (June 8th, in case you missed it!), here are some best girlfriends who always made looking fabulous a top priority for any girls’ night out!

1.      Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen

Okay, I know most of us probably stopped watching Gossip Girl about three seasons ago when Blair got engaged to a French prince (someone was grasping at straws by that point). But, as confused as the series got by the bitter end (Serena and Dan—together? Apart? Who knows?), one thing that stayed constant from the first moment we watched Serena van der Woodsen waltz through the doors of Constance Billard in her barely dress code-appropriate school uniform was some incredible Upper East Side style. Serena’s sexy bohemian chic always played perfectly with Blair’s impeccably preppy glamor. Blair’s classic headbands and sweater sets were always guaranteed to balance out Serena’s trendy headscarves and glittery dresses. Even though their clothes (like their personalities) contrasted pretty strongly with one another, the differences only made them look more fabulous as the hit the streets of Manhattan together.

2.      Kate and Pippa

Thanks to her gorgeous Alexander McQueen wedding dress, most of the world already knows what a fashion icon the Duchess of Cambridge is. But, while Kate was marching down the aisle, her sister and BFF Pippa Middleton was looking equally fabulous in her sleek, ivory Maid of Honor dress, also by Alexander McQueen, proving that not all bridesmaids’ dresses have to make you look like a giant cupcake. Since the wedding, Kate and Pippa have been spotted all over the UK, from polo matches to tea parties, always looking absolutely flawless in well-tailored blouses with never a flyaway hair in sight. Kate may be the one in line for the throne, but both sisters are sporting some royally gorgeous wardrobes.

3.      Betty and Veronica

Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge have been catwalking through the pages of Archie Comics for generations, rocking every style from 1950’s poodle skirts to this season’s latest peplum tops. They’ve sported glamorous pin curls, mod bobs, crazy perms, and trendy bangs, but throughout it all, these girls are classically gorgeous, and they’ve never failed to draw the eyes of Riverdale’s dreamiest hunks. Like Blair and Serena, Betty and Veronica are two BFFs who rarely see eye to eye, especially on fashion. Veronica’s high-class glamor is often noted as a stark contrast to Betty’s more casual “girl next door” look, but the pair has always served as an example of two totally different yet equally appealing looks, encouraging girls everywhere to follow their own style, regardless of how their friends or anyone else thinks they should dress.

4.      The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Acknowledging the protagonists of Ann Brashare’s best-selling novel and resulting movie means giving another nod to Blake Lively’s effortless glamor, this time in the role of Bridget. But, Bridget was only one of this fabulous foursome who all managed to look stunning in a worn-out pair of blue jeans. As every collegiette knows, a well-fitted pair of jeans can work wonders, even without magical powers. And, even though Bridget, Carmen, Lena, and Tibby spent four years sharing the same pair of pants, each girl accessorized in her own unique way. Tibby, with her nose piercing and blue highlights, went for rocker chic, while Lena stuck with classic blouses and minimal makeup. Carmen spiced up the faded old jeans with bold colors and patterns, and Bridget needed little more than her long, beachy blond hair to look totally sexy in the pants. The story is all about friendship, and especially how sharing your favorite clothes with your girlfriends is the best way to stay BFF’s!

5.      Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda

The show may be called Sex and the City, but it might as well have been focused on Manhattan style. Possessing seemingly endless shopping funds, these four women hit the streets of NYC in every designer from Manolo to Louboutin, simultaneously aware of every trend the moment it hit Fifth Avenue and also always conscious of infusing each fad with their own very personal style, even if some of their outfits were pretty far out at times. Carrie’s looks were the most daring, including some prints and shapes rarely seen off the runway, always, of course, accompanied by the most fabulous shoes available, shoes she even equated to children at times. Miranda, the lawyer, was more professional, sporting well-tailored suits and never shying away from well-structured shoulder pads. Cynthia Nixon’s well-groomed shock of red hair added a pop of color to even the most sedate pantsuit, reminding the viewer—and the men of Manhattan—that there was more to Miranda than cold professionalism. Samantha, of course, rocked the most over sexuality with her clothes, opting for plunging necklines and bold lipsticks to get whatever (and whomever) she wanted. Charlotte, with her sleek brunette locks and simple strands of pearls, was the preppy, innocent member of the group, sticking with classic cuts and styles and nude makeup—just enough to make her wide brown eyes stand out. Living as single 30-something women in Manhattan, these four BFFs proved that, while men may come and go, fashion will never let you down.


If you’re feeling inspired (or inadequate) in the face of all this amazing fashion and can’t wait to start shopping, check out LINE Knitwear, a gorgeous line of luxury knitwear founded by business partners and college BFFs John Muscat and Jennifer Wells, two friends who are living the dream by turning friendship and fashion into a career.

Muscat reports that the pair “had the foundation of a very solid friendship that we developed in university that was based on a lot of respect, trust, and time.” These fabulous designers, the BFFs above, and so many more we, as collegiettes, encounter every day prove that fashion and friendship are always intertwined. Now, go grab your BFF and hit the mall!


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