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‘Fishtail Brows’ Are Sweeping Instagram, & Are We Even Surprised at This Point?

In the latest bizarro beauty news, Christmas-tree brows have been put away until next year, and in their place fishtail brows have sprung up. What even are fishtail eyebrows? I’m so happy you asked. Enter Instagram user @skyzEditz, who seemingly originated the trend when they uploaded a digitally manipulated image of a model with the now infamous brow look. 


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 Soon after, @hudabeauty herself posted a similarly edited pic, asking her followers what they thought about it. 


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Once the trend caught on, people started posting their own, unaltered recreations. 


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And unsurprisingly, the trend has been received with mixed opinions.

So what do you think? Is this the brow trend to end all brow trends, or will this one be ~sleeping with the fishes~ soon? 

Claire Biggerstaff is a senior at Davidson College where she's pursuing a major in English. Since her sophomore year, she's been heavily involved with Her Campus and has written for her school's chapter, interned with Her Campus Media, and eventually became the Editor in Chief of her home chapter. Her work as also appeared on publications like Babe.net and The Odyssey. When she's not researching news stories or holding editing workshops with her writers, you can find her enjoying an episode of The X-Files and thinking about how much she loves autumn.