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Fenty Beauty Is Launching a New Product Called ‘Body Lava’ & I’m Intrigued AF

It’s truly a beautiful day when we’re teased with news of an upcoming Fenty Beauty release. This time around, we’ve been treated to a sneak peek of Rihanna’s new creation, the Body Lava. Yeah, I know, it sounds absolutely mind-blowing.

Rihanna showed off two shades called “Brown Sugar” and “Who Needs Clothes” along with the Body Lava packaging in a Snapchat story earlier this week. True to the brand’s history, the packaging is sleek and minimal. 

Soon after the Rihanna’s initial post, the official Fenty Beauty Instagram posted a series of photos and videos of the products in action, and ho’ boy… just imagine all the possibilities with this one. 

If Fenty Beauty has taught us anything, it’s that Rihanna makes it a point to create enough shades to flatter all skin tones, so here’s hoping that the Body Lava won’t be exempt from that rule. Mark your calendars, babes, because the Body Lava drops on April 6. Until then, I’ll just be dreaming of drizzling my body in shimmery goodness. 

Rep Image: Fenty Beauty / Instagram



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