Every Street Style Look From Fashion Week That We're Currently Using For All Outfit Inspo

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Okay so, are we just not going to talk about the dope trends from Fashion Week this year? I mean, it's so cool seeing the street style every year — am I right or am I right? You gotta love the unique styles that the fashion pros have. This is definitely my type of art, seeing how everyone showcase their creativity through clothes and accessories. 

Trust me, you can rock the same style on a regular basis. It's all about thinking outside the box. Your everyday style doesn't have to get dull and repetitive. Let me show several ideas for your outfits this week (you're very welcome):

  1. 1. Colorblock without fear

    Colorblocking isn't as scary as you think, so try incorporating bright colors in your look for your next Sunday brunch with the homies.

  2. 2. Paris approved denim on deim

    Elevate a denim on denim ensemble with a long coat in a neutral color —yeehaw meets Parisian fashion.

  3. 3. One shade for all 

    Monochrome looks are perfect for office attires and now, you can also add a pop with a different color

  4. 4. Functional and fashionable

    If you're looking for a cool and trendy jumpsuit, I say go for a utility-style one to mix it up — pockets are everything, right? 

  5. 5. At PFW, we wear pink

    Pink is having its moment right now — and here's how you can hop on the trend: pink blazer and pink electric pleated skirt for your next meeting.

  6. 6. A style blast from the past

    We're bringing back wide-collared shirts and high-waisted flared pants, which you can easily rock at happy hour.

  7. 7. Pattern play

    Playing around with patterns has just gotten so chic (TBH, so here for it) and you know it needs to be your a part of your 'fit at your next presentation.

  8. 8. Gym at 7 AM, meeting at 8 AM

    When you're always on the go, you've gotta be creative and wear a dual-purpose outfit — who thought a workout gear and blazer would be such a perfect match?

Who said only runaway models and fashion bloggers can have an amazing style? Dress like a fashion pro every day and stun everyone around you. Show them how it's done!