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The amalgamation of fashion weeks these past few weeks (e.g. London, Paris, Milan, New York) has not only given some sartorial inspiration, it has also lent some great ideas toward creating covetable nail creations as well! Below is a list of the most tasteful ideas from an array of cities’ fashion weeks that Collegiettes should try out for themselves. While it may not be for the runway, these ideas are sure to turn heads in the library or dining hall.

1. Add some nail polish drips. The Prabal Gurung show this season featured nails with dripping paint. The designers color choice of red may be debatable for class (it looks like blood), but nonetheless Collegiettes can experiment with other colors over a clear or off-white base.

2. Instead of going crazy with the color, add texture. To achieve that perfect nail art masterpiece sometimes intense amounts of differing hues is required. Instead of fussing over if that lilac purple looks good with that sky blue, stick to simple off-white and neutral tones and add an interesting element with texture. Good textures include lace and lattice-patterned ones, as seen in Joy Cioci’s show. If you are not an expert with creating such exquisite creations check out the stick on nail selection.

3. Add some gems! No, note real ones (unless so inclined). Instead purchase nail gems available at beauty supply and craft stores and adhere them with nail glue. In the Vivienne Westwood show models had nails enamored with crystals and in the Joy Cioci show models nails were adorned with tiny pearls for a bauble-like effect. 

4. Do a French Manicure, in reverse. That’s right Collegiettes the reverse manicure is still hot which is lucky for you, because this nail art technique can be mastered by even the most amateur nail artiste. This technique was seen on models’ nails at the Kalean show.

5. Add a simple geometric design. Geometric designs were seen in the Veda show where models nails featured a simple rectangle in the middle of each nail, over a sparkling base nail polish. The streak in the middle was unexpected and thus an interested nail innovation. Collegiettes can easily attain a similar geometric look by contrasting two shades on each nail or creating a color block inspired pattern with a combination of shades.

6. Try a metallic shade. Metallic nails added a nice touch at the Erin Fetherston show as it complimented the model’s jewelry. A metallic shade is easy to accomplish (buy and then paint) and is a very appropriate choice for the fall season.

7. Go with lady-like look. On many of the runways a more groomed and refined look was seen by simply incorporating the classic red nail or by varnishing a nude color on long, well-kept nails. While seemingly mundane, these nails were shockingly refreshing. Though this trend may not be achievable in a 15 minute session with a bottle of nail polish, the time it takes to obtain beautiful long nails is worth the wait (and anxiety of breaking them!). 

8. Go nude (while still keeping on your clothing, please). A simple nude base matches with any ensemble a Collegiette may put together and gives off an effortlessly chic vibe. The shade was seen in the VPL show to completment the natural look and neutral shades. It is perfect for everyday wear, and transitions well into the night as well. 

Photos Courtesy of: ifashion-blog.com, glamour.com, www.beautymatters.ie, www.realstylenetwork.com, and www.harpersbazaar.com.

Simmone Seymour is a current student at Tufts University studying Political Science, Economics, and Communications. She is interested in films, fashion, art, design, marketing, advertising, PR, blogging, new trends and the DIY movement. She is now the Campus Correspondent for the Tufts University Chapter of Her Campus and blogs for the Beauty School Blog. She aspires to get involved in marketing and has worked at Kirkland & Ellis LLP, Hungry Fish Media, Jack Morton Worldwide, Argopoint LLP, the Tufts Daily, the HC headquarters as a Marketing & Sales Associate, and at Leo Burnett Worldwide.In her spare time (which is far and in between) she freelance writes for publications, maintains a blog, learns about graphic design and coding, and explores which ever city she may be in. Her idols are Chelsea handler, Sheryl Sandberg, and Marissa Meyer.Got something fashion or beauty-related you think is amazing? Contact Simmone at SimmoneSeymour@hercampus.com to discuss article inquiries.