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11 Fall 2023 Haircut Trends To Try Before Heading Back To Campus

OK, so you tried all the summer 2023 haircuts while you were home from school, and now you’re ready for something new for fall 2023. Perfect timing, because a change in seasons is the perfect excuse (if you need one) to change up your haircut! Heading back to college for the fall means catching up with old friends, rekindling flames, and meeting new people, so why not feel like the best version of yourself while you do it and get a new fall haircut? 

We all know a good haircut can start the fall semester off on the right foot, so let’s make sure you pick the best fall haircut for your hair type this year. Whether you’re ready for a big change or a haircut that’s just a little different than your go-to look, you’ve come to the right place. Big chops don’t have to be reserved for painful breakups — they can also be a ton of fun! Besides, don’t girls just want to have fun? 

Below are 11 of the most fun fall haircut 2023 trends for all hair types. They all promise to bring more ~ razzle dazzle ~ into your fall semester.

The Kim K bob

#KimKardashian draws #KourtneyKardashian comparisons with ‘super cute new bob amid feud

♬ Sunny – Ponder & Slip.stream

Bob haircuts are amazing because they can be tailored to suit any type of hair texture. They are also great for bringing out your gorgeous bone structure! 

The rachel

how I styled the rachel green cut!

♬ original sound – Grace Brinkly

Yes, it’s time for the “Rachel” to come back again. It’s turned into a classic cut that gives you great volume. This cut works wonders for anyone with thick hair!

Wispy Curtain bangs

I have to admit, I have already taken part in this trend, and I must say — I’m obsessed. Wispy curtain bangs are great because if you don’t have time to do them in the morning or want a little change, you can just sweep them to the side and they fade in. 

The cheekbone tousled bob

Want something low maintenance? Try a bob that cuts off at your cheekbones. It looks great slicked back, in a wet-styled do or just wake up, tousle your hair and go!

The butterfly cut

Bestie, I know you’ve seen this trend on TikTok, but please leave the cut to the professionals! While you could do this yourself, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Give your craft scissors a break and head to the salon. This cut lets you try the shag style without making the big chop!

The shaggy mullet

While the shaggy mullet has been trending for a while now (especially in the LGBTQ+ community), you’ll probably see its popularity grow in the fall. 

Long layers

If you’re not ready to make a chop quite yet, try some long layers to give you a little more texture and volume. This will especially help you if you have curly or wavy hair! 

Full natural curls

Let your natural curls run wild this fall! Everyone should embrace their curls and give straightening irons a break this season. It’s all about bounce, baby! 

The short afro

This haircut allows you to go short, but still have enough hair to style finger waves or deep parts. The best part is it’s short enough to leave natural on days you don’t want to put too much product in your hair. 

French girl bangs

Think French Girl style — tousled, undone, but still sophisticated. French Girl Bangs give off the same vibe. They are normally a little longer, reaching your eyebrows. They aren’t necessarily thick bangs, and they leave some room for peeks of your forehead. 

Italian Girl bob

I’m pretty sure this style started with everyone’s obsession of The White Lotus Season 2. This haircut is essentially the cut actress Simona Tabasco (Lucia) wears. It’s meant to be easily air-dried for an effortless look. Pair with fringy bangs for the full effect. 

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