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Eyebrow Contouring is a Real Thing & Here’s How to Do It

Contouring has become a popular beauty trend in the last few years. By now, every secret there is to know about obtaining a flawlessly sculpted face has been pounded into our minds. However, there’s a new type of contouring that could take your beauty routine to the next level—contouring your eyebrows. It’s super simple, but does wonders to transform and add dimension to your face. Read the steps below to sculpt your brows like a pro!

1. You’ll need a brow powder duo to get a lighter and dark shade. Below are a few great recommendations for every price point:

  1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo ($23)
  2. Bobbi Brown Light Brow Kit ($48)
  3. e.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Kit ($3)
  4. Urban Decay Brow Box ($29)

2. Fill in the center of your eyebrow with the darker shade of brow powder using an angled brow brush ($3).

3. Use the lighter shade on both ends of your brows, blending it into the darker powder.

Using just one dark eyebrow shade can cause your eyebrows to look flat and heavy. Two shades gives your gorgeous brows dimension and makes them look super natural. So be sure to use the tips above to elevate your brows and intensify your beauty routine!

Emily is a 21 year old from Alexandria, Virginia who studies marketing at Clemson University. She's an avid traveler and a huge concert junkie, with a knack for nail art. After studying in London she fell in love with the city, and hopes to move to New York and eventually London in the pursuit of a career in fashion. Follow her! Twitter: xxem_ily, Instagram: @em_smoot
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