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EOS Released a New Aqua Collection, Because We All Need More Water In Our Skincare

Regardless of the empty promises that your tipsy self tells your hungover self about how you won’t lose another chapstick, we all know you’ve bought dozens of eos lip balms because you momentarily misplaced your purse lip balm. Now, you have a hoarding problem—specific to eos lip balms. Sound like you? Thankfully, the company that revolutionized our lip care routine is giving us more reasons to diversify our eos spending (and subsequent beauty stockpile).

The new eos aqua skincare collection uses enriched ingredients to help hydrate your skin. After all, drinking a gallon of water every single day can be as strenuous as studying for thermodynamics, and sometimes you just need some extra hydration (for your extra thirsty flesh).

The new aqua line has a variety of products, from moisturizers, lip masks, clay masks and even hydrating lip glosses. However, POPSUGAR claims that the eos attains its moisturizing line with thanks to active ingredients such as Irish moss, seaweed extract and sea kelp extract. But what exactly is sea kelp extract?

According to Cosmopolitian, sea kelp extract is supercharged with a ton of vitamins that are designed to promote healthy hair growth. Along with revitalizing your luscious locks with vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D and E, sea kelp extract can also help your skin look and feel healthier. As Harvard Health Publications notes, vitamin E is basically a vitamin moonlighting as an antioxidant because it helps prevent skin damage—so it can heal some acne scars and hyperpigmentation. We’re sold.

Along with being tested by expert dermatologists (because eos cares about our skin), Allure says that all of the products are $20 or less. Allure also adds that these aqua goodies are an online exclusive, which gives you another reason to postpone dealing with the outside world.

When you aren’t attempting to save your hostage lip balm from your cat, you might want to check out the new eos aqua skincare line—so you can be one step closer to becoming a mermaid (after you wait for standard processing and shipping, obviously).

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