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Emma Watson Posed Braless for ‘Vanity Fair’ & Of Course People Are Overreacting

Your fave Emma Watson (not to be confused with the character in The Andy Griffith Show or the character in Jane Austen’s unfinished novel The Watsons—glad we cleared that up) is Vanity Fair‘s April cover star. In and of itself, this is nothing surprising: Emma has appeared in VF in the past and, as the leading lady of the Beauty & the Beast live-action feature, she is as relevant now as she has been since her Harry Potter days and feminist awakening. In the shoot, Emma poses braless in a ~fashion-forward~ knit cardigan thingy (that’s a technical term) and shows off some serious underboob.

Now my first reaction is pretty much no reaction. I mean like, great, here are some boobs! Carry on now. But I am not the internet, and the internet is a terrible shithole of people who think they can tell women how to dress and how to act. Oh also, people are saying that this photo somehow makes Emma a bad feminist? Which, like, LOL.

Instagram comments were particularly vile, with one person saying “What a hypocrite goes on about girls having self respect and then gets her tits out!” and another penning the eloquent “#Gratuitous #BoobPics do nothing to #ValidateYou.” Okay, social media, I #HateYou.

Thankfully, most people are super down with this gorgeous shoot and feature, in which Emma discusses coming of age, her career and not giving a crap whether she ever wins an Oscar. But to circle back to the whole “minimal clothing” issue, this will really make you think:

How dare you remind us you have a body, Emma? Hashtag outrageous.

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