Emma Watson is Making a Commitment to Wear Sustainable Fashion on Her 'Beauty & the Beast' Press Tour

Emma Watson is one celebrity who we can always count on to use her fame for good, whether she's fighting for gender equality or encouraging women to vote. So it's pretty much no surprise that Emma also had the genius idea of using her Beauty and the Beast press tour to promote sustainable fashion.

According to Cosmopolitan, Emma has started a new Instagram account, @the_press_tour, which she'll be using to document her sustainable fashion choices throughout her press tour for the upcoming movie - and hopefully beyond that too!

Take the killer dress she rocked at the Beauty and the Beast photocall on Sunday night in Paris: the asymmetrical blue Louis Vuitton dress was custom-made from 100 percent recycled polyester, and all "suede" and "leather" details on the piece were made from eco-friendly alternatives.


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Her outfit for the film's first public screening in Paris followed suit: the custom Oscar de la Renta look was made from organic silk and wool. On the account, Emma also highlights her love for Stella McCartney, the first luxury designer to commit to using only faux skin, leather, feathers and fur.


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If this isn't proof that clothes can look just as good as they are good for the earth, we don't know what is - just a quick *hint* to all our favorite brands and designers.