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Ellen DeGeneres Had Dain Yoon As a Guest on Her Show, & The Results Were Uncomfy

Do you have that one friend that is just extra about everything? The one who takes forever to get ready when you’re probably just going to the grocery store? Hey, there’s no shame in the game, we’ve all been there before. But no one can match the level of extra that is Dain Yoon, a viral makeup artist from Seoul, who dazzled/horrified us all on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week.

Yoon has created a large fanbase for herself through the outrageous makeup creations she shares on Instagram. Her makeup acts more like an optical illusion than anything else, painting on multiple pairs of eyes and lips that definitely deserve double takes on the street. Yes, on the street, because she actually wears this makeup out. Yoon admitted to Ellen that she did, in fact, make a baby cry one time, which, honestly, would probably be our response too.



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Even more notable than Yoon’s trippy makeup is her level of confidence. She told Ellen that she’s her own canvas because she “loves herself so much.” In fact, she loves herself enough that she actually hand painted her face on each of her nails (with her real hair included). Talk about a look. Yoon even took the time to paint a set of nails with Ellen’s face as well.

No matter how extra you are or aren’t, we could actually all strive to be a little more like Dain Yoon. She said it best: “I use my body as a canvas because I want to use the only canvas in the world that’s my body [me]”. Sure, you probably won’t see us gluing our hair to our nails anytime soon, but in the Yoon style, we might start viewing ourselves as canvases too. It’s high time we all be proud of ourselves for what’s unique and different, because that’s what makes us beautiful. 

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