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With prom season just around the corner, everyone will be looking for last-minute prom hacks. Prom is the time to show off your best look, so everything must be perfect. Whether it’s the glamorous fit, trendy nails, stylish shoes, or elegant hairstyles, the search is on for the best prom ideas. From effortlessly beautiful to standing out exceptionally, people want it all for this special night.

There are several stunning makeup trends to help you glam up for this year’s prom. Picking out the right look can be overwhelming and stressful, especially if you plan to do it yourself. Even though experimenting with looks can add to the fun of the night, you don’t want something to go wrong.

Don’t worry, though! From almost no makeup, to bold pops of color, to super dramatic smokey eyes, here’s a simple guide for some of the easiest-serving prom makeup ideas this year.

Smokey Eyes

Who doesn’t love a good smokey eye? For a more formal prom look, apply black eyeshadow to the creases and outer corners of your eye. This intense look is super easy—smudge black liner under the bottom lashes and finish things off with a clean coat of black mascara.

Bold Color

Want to emulate the recent Barbiecore or mermaid core trends? This could be the look for you. If your prom dress or suit is more simple, try a pop of color by adding a bold lip, cool liner, rosy blush, or super-pigmented eyeshadow. After adding a base, just pack on the color until you practically taste the rainbow.

Inner-Eye accents

Finding a makeup look that matches your prom aesthetic is the best, so try this eye accent hint to match your ensemble. Simply play around with the area around your tiny inner tear ducts. Use some highlighter to brighten the focal point to your inner eyes, or try an ombre gradient with loud colors.


Are you looking for that radiant, pre-summer glow? Enhance your entire look by incorporating glitter to make yourself shimmer. Lightly dust yourself with some extra highlights on your eyelids and lips. Enjoy a stunning appearance with glowing skin and glossy lids that boast a high-shine finish.

Clean Girl Makeup

Can’t decide between all of these amazing makeup options? Try a more natural makeup look! What’s easier than no-makeup makeup? The Clean Girl trend has taken the internet by storm. Just keep it simple, regardless of whether or not your outfit is busy. A little highlight, a simple swipe of mascara, and light coverage will go a long way. Create soft, subtle looks that enhance your natural beauty.

Lily Brown

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Lily Brown is a writer at the Her Campus National Writers Program. She writes for the Style and Culture verticals on the site, including fashion, beauty, decor, digital, and entertainment coverage. Beyond Her Campus, this fall Lily will be a junior at Emerson College in Boston, MA, majoring in Journalism with a Publishing minor. She works as the Creative Director for the on-campus lifestyle publication, Your Magazine, where she establishes and curates the conceptual design and content for the entire publication ranging from style, romance, music, pop culture, personal identity, and college experiences. She has written and photographed for Your Mag along with several other on-campus magazines. Lily was recently recognized for her work on YM and awarded an EVVY for Outstanding Print Publication. In her free time, Lily maybe spends a little too much time keeping a close eye on captivating red carpet and runway fashion, and binge-watching her favorite shows. She also enjoys expressing her thoughts through creative writing, exploring new destinations, serving delectable ice cream and cookies at a local bake shop, and blasting ABBA, Dua Lipa, Harry Styles, and Lady Gaga on Spotify. Additionally, she actively contributes to fostering a sense of community among college residents as a dedicated Residential Assistant.