Don't Panic, But Bucket Hats Are Cool Now — Here Are 8 Ones I'm Obsessed With

When I go through my childhood photos, my brother was always wearing a bucket hat. Meanwhile, I refused to wear any kind of hat because I was such a girly girl. Headbands were totally my thing. (Sorry, Blair Waldorf — I was the original queen of headbands.) Bucket hats were just among the many early 2000s trends that my younger self didn't appreciate. Being the stubborn and rebellious child that I was, I hated half of the things my mom would make me wear. But, the woman was definitely ahead of her time as she has always told me that trends come back every five years or so. She is so right!

Now, my 22-year-old self loves the whole concept of bucket hats. Like, yes, bring on more of the early 2000s style (except for the dresses over the jeans, that can stay in the 2000s). Bucket hats are the move this summer. From the classics to the unconventional, here are my top picks of cool ones to rock all throughout the hot season.

  1. 1. Mustard Yellow Hat

    Yellow is the superior summer color, don't @ me. If you're rocking blonde locks all season long, this canvas bucket hat is the perfect accessory to wear. 

  2. 2. Athletic Hat

    For NikePLUS members, you have to get your hands on this Nike bucket hat! It's like a pair of cargo pants in hat form but definitely has that streetwear vibe. 

  3. 3. Designer Hat

    Hey, a price tag of $260 may be intimidating, but I can't get over how cute this vintage Burberry bucket hat! I would wear this 24/7, TBH.

  4. 4. Woven Hat

    What even is summer without woven shoes and accessories? This multicolor woven bucket hat is the perfect alternative if you're not into the huge floppy hats.

  5. 5. Reversible Hat

    Okay, but how cool is it to have two styles in one hat? This reversible bucket hat by Tommy Jeans can be transformed into a navy color with a smaller logo.

  6. 6. Plain Hat

    You can never go wrong with a plain and solid color. I mean, it makes matching so much easier, right? This white bucket hat will go with anything but also help you go incognito when you're trying to avoid everyone back in your hometown!

  7. 7. Neon Hat

    When you're feeling a little bolder, this neon bucket hat is the one for you! How '90s can this one get? 

  8. 8. Animal Print Hat

    Remember being in middle school when zebra print and neon were EVERYTHING? Oh, the early 2000s trend is back! This zebra print bucket hat has a subtle bright green lining at the top, giving us ultimate nostalgia.

Listen, just like dad shoes and mom jeans, our go-to hat during our childhood has made its comeback! Bucket hats are cooler than ever. Don't be the last one to follow the trend revival. 

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