Disney Princess Chokers Are the Only Thing You Need RN

Chokers are a trend that I don't think I'll ever get tired of. Especially now that there's a line of chokers inspired by Disney princesses. Courtney Reid, aka Jasmine in the Broadway adaptation of Aladdin, has created the cutest collection of chokers to represent all of our favorite childhood princesses. Courtney has always been into chokers, and has released several collections of them before this one. "I try and make chokers literally any time I have down time," she told People. As for this new collection, Courtney said, "I’m obsessed with princesses. I mean, who’s not?" Okay, true. After her Broadway Collection took off, she thought, "Oh my gosh! What if we did a Princess Collection with our favorite Broadway divas modeling them? It has been such a blast." I, for one, am so thankful she went through with it. Just look at these babies!

(Snow choker, $40)

(Jas choker, as modeled by Courtney Reid, $40)

(Mermaid chokerl, $20)

There are 15 items in this collection and some are already sold out! Snatch the others while you can, at Gagged Chokers. Prices range from $20 to $40, which is a small price pay to make all your dreams come true. Too far? I'll leave.