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6 Ways Your Dorm Decor Can Ward Off Homesickness

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Going to college and moving into your first dorm can be one of the most exciting feelings ever, but homesickness, not so much. If you’re experiencing college life for the first time, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed after leaving the comfort of your old room, belongings, and surroundings. Fortunately, there are many ways to create a “home away from home” right where you are, and one of the best ways to start is through dorm decor. IKEA has a variety of beautiful yet functional pieces that will make any college dorm feel like home so that you can start embracing college life with ease.

To help you remember good times

SÖDERGARN Memo Board with Magnets 

At this point, your school supplies list is probably never ending — but trust me, every college student needs a cute memo board with magnets! Not only is a memo board a super efficient way to keep track of day-to-day reminders, but it can be a sweet reminder to display photos, mementos, and fun items that remind you of home. Print a few photos of family, friends, travel experiences, and more, then post them on your new memo board for a reminder that home is never too far away.

IKEA, SÖDERGARN Memo Board with Magnets, $9.99; shop now 

So you can keep your personal items nearby

SMUSSLA Bedside Table/Shelf Unit 

Surrounding yourself with books, magazines, candles, and trinkets that remind you of home can be a great way to ward off homesickness while you’re in college. This bedside table and shelf unit from IKEA is the perfect place to keep your belongings within reach. I love that the unit makes it easy to display sweet reminders from home — plus, they make great conversation starters for you to chat about or reminisce with family and friends.

IKEA, SMUSSLA Bedside Table/Shelf Unit, $34; shop now

To spark new traditions

MARYD Tray Table 

When it comes to warding off homesickness, it can be helpful to reestablish rituals and traditions that help you feel grounded and comforted. Whether it’s enjoying late-night movies with friends or gathering your roomies for game night, this foldable tray table makes any gathering feel a little more personal, and gives you the perfect excuse to start creating new traditions. Plus, you can easily remove the top for easy serving — perfect for sharing snacks!

IKEA, MARYD Tray Table, $69.99; shop now

To get ready for socializing


It may seem silly, but having a designated space to get ready reminds me of my room at home. This white mirror fits perfectly in any dorm space, and helps me feel comfortable getting ready to hang out with friends. And socializing is key in warding off feelings of missing home. Pro tip: if you’re feeling homesick, post an inspirational quote or fun photo on your mirror for a touch of encouragement each day.

IKEA, NISSEDAL Mirror, $29.99; shop now

So you can display your style

NIKKEBY Clothes Rack

Unlike your childhood home where everything has its place, living in a college dorm definitely feels different, and space is often limited. This clothing rack from IKEA makes it easy to store daily must-haves like your purses, umbrellas, clothing, or any item that you want to easily access during busy college days. It makes great use of vertical space, and is a great way to show off your personal style! A bit of personalization can go a long way in making your college dorm feel like it’s truly yours, and I love how this item is a smart and savvy way to make your space feel like home.

IKEA, NIKKEBY Clothes Rack, $69.99; shop now

To add personality to your space


Filling your dorm with positive, uplifting decor is crucial, especially if you’re heading to college for the first time. Walking into a blank, barely furnished room can be jarring (and can make anyone feel homesick!) but with some personal touches and pops of color, your home away from home can totally transform. This flatwoven rug is the perfect item to dress up your dorm room — it’s cozy, unique, and adds a bit of personality to your space. Pair it with some colorful pillows or wall artwork, and get ready for your room to feel brand new.

IKEA, RAKLVEV Rug, $39.99, shop now

While embarking on the college journey can be beautiful and memorable, it can also be tough to deal with homesickness, especially during your first few years. If you’re feeling homesick right now, know that personalizing your dorm decor is a little change that can go a long way — you deserve to feel comfortable in your new space during this big life transition. If you’re ready to make your space feel more like home, check out the above list, start making a mood board, and check out more products from IKEA. Your space will be brand new in no time! 

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