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3 Must-Know Techniques for Using Vibrant Makeup Products

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Spring is the perfect time to take chances, branch out of our comfort zone, and try things that have scared us in the past. For lack of better words? Go big or go home. This is a mantra that I have often repeated in my head since the start of the year, and have started to apply it to different areas of my life – like my makeup routine.

Lately, the use of bright and bold colors in makeup has been trending and I’m obsessed with it! From vibrant pink blushes to graphic eyeliners, color is being utilized to awaken our complexions with the simplest of applications. But experimenting with color can be scary – even for the most experienced makeup artist.

But this spring, we’re changing that. With the right tools, vibrant makeup doesn’t have to instill fear within us. And with the warmer months finally here, I think it’s the perfect time to make some not-so-subtle additions to our beauty routines – and adding a little color just might be the way to do it.

Check out my favorite tips and tricks that I use to help make my colorful makeup journey a breeze. 

For Your Eyes

Now that it’s spring, it’s time to bring some fun eye looks into the mix and a highly-pigmented eyeshadow palette with an ample number of colorful shades is the way to do it — especially if you’re a beginner looking to explore colorful eyeshadow. Imagine the possibilities when you finally play around with fun hues! Not quite ready for a colorful eyelid? Dip your toes in the water with a stand-out liner!

Tip: Prime your lids with complementary pigments first!

Wanting to wear bright eyeshadow is one thing, but knowing how to properly apply it is another. With complementary colors, you help vibrant colors really pop! Use a complementary colored eyeshadow as a base for the color you’re planning to wear. The undertones of the base color will make your look even bolder!


For Your Lips

Are you ready for spring, but not quite ready to commit to bold lip colors just yet? Don’t worry! I have the perfect solution: a hint of pink. With a glossy lip balm, I can get the best of both worlds: a shade that brings just enough color to my lips while also providing that perfect middle ground for a day-to-day look. Think of it as the perfect pop of color without drawing too much attention!

Tip: Make a dark-colored lip liner your best friend!

The girls in the ’90s were onto something. Next to diamonds, a dark lip liner is a girl’s best friend. Help those bold lip colors stand out on your lips with a nude or brown lip liner. Before your gloss, line your lips and diffuse the pigment by rubbing your lips together to soften the harsh lines. Make sure to choose a creamy, pigmented lip liner and it’ll stay on for the long haul. 



Now that there’s finally an inkling of warmth outdoors, let’s try using some blush to bring that warmth back to our faces! Don’t be scared to add some color to your post-winter complexion with some rather vibrant blushes. A liquid blush in a berry shade adds some much-needed color to my life and I believe it can help do the same to yours. Try out rosy cheeks this season and be gifted with a solution for a healthy glow that is a perfect prelude to the summer months. 

Tip: Apply a little blush to the bridge of your nose!

Just because spring break is over doesn’t mean we can’t keep the good vibes going. No one has to know that your faux-vacation glow is courtesy of some well-placed blush. To really get that natural, flushed appearance, try adding a pea-sized amount of blush to the apples of your cheeks as well as to the bridge of your nose. Blending it out will create this natural sun-kissed effect without countless hours lying in the sun. 


Makeup — especially colorful makeup — can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be! Remember: makeup is a tool to use at our own discretion. Have fun with it, try what works best for you, and don’t be afraid to have creative freedom with it. 

Be sure to check out these products at Ulta Beauty and make some of them your next makeup bag essentials! 

Askya is a senior journalism major with an English minor at Howard University. When she’s not writing, you can find her listening to music, following the latest pop culture trends on social media, or reading from her never-ending TBR list. Feel free to follow Askya on Instagram to join in on the fun (@askyaalways)