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A Collegiette’s Guide To Lipstick

Lipstick is having a moment (if that’s possible given the long and enduring history between lipstick and women). However, currently lipstick has positioned itself as a trendy, as well as classic, beauty find. A common fear that comes to Collegiettes when encountering a tube is that they are one of the unfortunate few who cannot pull it off. Au Contraire Collegiettes! Any lovely lady can pull of this staple; she need only find a shade that works for her. Below are some tricks of the trade to identify your perfect shade and some tips on how to apply it.

Tip #1: Lipstick shades should compliment your skin tone, and for nearly every skin tone there is a corresponding lipstick shade that will work with it.  Do not lay down lipstick for good, just because a couple shades do not look good. Eventually, you will find out what shades work.


Tip #2: For fair skin complexions avoid dark or dramatic hues such as bright pink or deep brown, which will be too striking on such a fragile complexion. Instead try subtler brownish hues or less striking pink hues such as apricot or matte pink. Try

Tip #3: For medium skin complexions you can test slightly deeper shades than fairer skin complexions. Instead of lighter shades of pink, try deeper berry shades like raspberry or deeper purple shades as well like plum. For browns, try a medium hue with red and berry undertones.

Tip #4: For darker skin complexions, be more daring. Deep and darker shades look great on a dark complexion. Try a dark red or deep purple. For a brown hue, try a mocha or dark chocolate color with blue undertones to compliment your skin tone.

Tip #5: Start with drugstore lipstick finds. The trick to identifying your perfect shade is to try out several shades before you can find the perfect one! Do not give up hope if the first (or second) shade you try doesn’t work out. Since most, if not all, Collegiettes have a finite budget start with less expensive drug store lipstick finds. Once you identify the shade (or a couple shades) that work well, you can try to find a similar shade in a more expensive brand to invest in.

Tip #6: When it comes to your shade, stick to it! Lipstick color trends may come and go, but what hue works best with your complexion will not. Given this, pay little heed to the newest fad lipstick color and instead stick with what you know looks good with your complexion.

Tip #7: Don’t shy away from lipstick accessories like liner or lip brushes, they have their place in your make-up bag too! For darker or more prominent lipstick shades a brush can be your best friend to stay within the lines of your lip (no under nose smear!). Lip liner can also provide a good base to fill in with your lipstick of choice. Outline your lips with liner of a similar shade and then fill it in with your lipstick.

Tip #8: Consider the rest of your make-up application, when choosing what shade you would like to go with. For more dramatic shades try a simpler makeup look and vice versa.

And finally Tip #9: Give lipstick a chance. The most coveted fashionistas and beauty queens have and it worked out quite well.

Images courtesy of: www.theamazingnews.com, cosmeticsbycortney.com, arabia.msn.com, beauty.lovelyish.com, ebower.hubpages.com, and beauty-treats.com.

Simmone Seymour is a current student at Tufts University studying Political Science, Economics, and Communications. She is interested in films, fashion, art, design, marketing, advertising, PR, blogging, new trends and the DIY movement. She is now the Campus Correspondent for the Tufts University Chapter of Her Campus and blogs for the Beauty School Blog. She aspires to get involved in marketing and has worked at Kirkland & Ellis LLP, Hungry Fish Media, Jack Morton Worldwide, Argopoint LLP, the Tufts Daily, the HC headquarters as a Marketing & Sales Associate, and at Leo Burnett Worldwide.In her spare time (which is far and in between) she freelance writes for publications, maintains a blog, learns about graphic design and coding, and explores which ever city she may be in. Her idols are Chelsea handler, Sheryl Sandberg, and Marissa Meyer.Got something fashion or beauty-related you think is amazing? Contact Simmone at SimmoneSeymour@hercampus.com to discuss article inquiries.