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    In light of Manhattan’s recent Fashion Night Out extravaganza, lets focus on the importance of an eclectic wardrobe for our college nights out. Whether cocktails and clubbing, dinner and a movie, meeting his family, or this year’s formal there’s a required skill in being able to match a look with an event.
    Elle stylist Joe Zee makes it known that an evening of drinks and hard core dancing requires you to find a balance between confident and cocky, sexy but not sleazy, fashionable but not a fashion slave. How might we approach such a suggestion?
    Well first off, if your going out to a club to dance you clearly want to be able to move, so make sure not to ruin your night with thin strappy heels that are nearly impossible to boogie in.
             1. Opt for sturdy platforms with a thick ankle strap for stability.

           Now for your attire, I’d say you probably don’t want to reveal all your assets on a club night, because club nights lead to drinking and drinking leads to sex.
             2. I suggest you don’t reveal too much… leave more to the imagination-Tasteful and classy are the most fashionable. For example, this dress has a sexy off the shoulder look but isn’t skimpy.

    So now for the typical date: dinner and a movie.  
               3. Dinner and a movie usually means you’re coming from class or an internship, maybe even an afternoon at the gym, so test out your day-tonight styling skills.
    If your coming from class, keep the same straight leg jeans, add sexy tie up heels to add a bit of risqué to your evening attire. Maybe a loose blouse with a colorful blazer? This look is fun yet sophisticated.

    Meeting his friends- now that’s big. Getting the reassurance from his crew is always important.
      4. You’re hanging with the guys so you want to look pretty and simple- nothing offensive or too showy.
    You could pair a loose dress with small inch heals and a light sweater-vest to keep your look casual. Even a typical pair of tight ripped jeans to show off your skinny body, a funky leather jacket, flats and an everyday blouse will keep you looking feminine but appropriately dressed to meet the guys.

    Planning for this seasons formal you want to make sure you’re wearing a stunning dress for this chic night out.
       5. First off, you have a date already so you don’t need to dress for attention. Mini dresses and emphasizing cleavage isn’t always the hottest look. So check out these stylish picks for this year’s formal.

For my first day of preschool I had three staple accessories: Bright pink lipstick, an old leather pocketbook, and my multi-patterned dress- even at a young age, I was boldy flaunting my unmistakable passion for fashion. That deep love for all things trendly ultimately carried me through the next sixteen years of my life. From party dresses to vintage shoes and eclectic accessories, style was always a key component to my existence. My previous internships as a freelance writer and a marketing intern at Turner PR, showed me how important the field of communications can be. And thus I have begun to explore how easily paralleled the worlds of fashion and communications are while working as both a fashion blogger and PR intern at Her Campus!