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College Fashion Week: Boston Backstage Interviews

The first show of College Fashion Week™ was a huge success with our Bostonian collegiettes and we have your exclusive backstage pass to some of the models’ thoughts mere hours before they stomped fiercely across the runway.

Student models represented Boston College (BC), Boston University (BU) and Northeastern University (NU). By show time, backstage looked just like what we won’t admit our rooms end up looking like in the morning – clothes strewn everywhere, makeup all across countertops and numerous pairs of shoes toppled over. Despite their packed schedule and messy rooms, these girls were eager to give all of our lovely readers a glimpse backstage!

HC: How did you hear about College Fashion Week™ and decide to get involved with modeling?

Nuria (BC): I was talking to one of my friends who is subscribed to Her Campus e-mails and she got an e-mail about the fashion show. She told me they were looking for models and I thought it’d be such a good idea, so I told one of my roommates (Alessandra, also quoted) that we could do it together as a fun thing.
Nada (NU): I’m part of the Haute Fashion club at Northeastern and they’re the ones who directed me to Her Campus.
Lyla (BU): I saw it on Facebook and my friend who’s on Her Campus was asking for models, so I was helping her out.

HC: What are you looking forward to the most tonight?

Anne Marie (NU): The actual runway show – actually no – the minutes after the runway show. I’m sure we’ll all have a lot of adrenaline.
Lyla (BU): Just helping Her Campus out and experiencing this!
Nuria (BC): I just really like glamorous clothes and I’m wearing this bright red blazer that I saw actually at the store. It’s just I’ve never modeled before, so I’m kind of excited. It’s kind of thrilling!

HC: What has been your favorite part of getting ready so far?

Alessandra (BC): Meeting a lot of people from my school that I actually didn’t know because we all have weird connections, but we had never met each other, so that’s fun.
Caitlin (BC): I’m excited for hair and makeup, honestly. I want them to make me pretty!
Alexandra (BC): I guess my favorite part was watching the set up and how they set up the whole room and how they transformed it.

HC: If you could take one of your looks back home, which would it be and why?

Nada (NU): I’d choose the second outfit. It’s a print pant with black and white and then a very tight tank top – black one – tucked in and a black blazer and then really nice black pumps with it. It’s really very hot and fits perfectly, so it’s a way of showing curves and stuff. It basically sells the woman image very well, so I like it.
Lyla (BU): I would choose my weekend wear and that’s a short purple dress and it’s kind of futuristic-ish, but not really. It’s by a new designer and it’s up and coming and I think that really represents the whole fashion week theme, so I like that.

Alexandra (BC): I would have to say the evening wear because I never really thought of wearing purple until now and I realized that it’s actually a great color to wear! It’s a short dress with ruffles and like I said before, it’s purple and it’s strapless as well.

HC: How have you been perfecting your runway walk?

Nuria (BC): We’ve just been practicing all the time. I’m trying to keep my arms close to my body and not just flopping them around.
Anne Marie (NU): There was a coach here and she watched us walk a couple of times. She gave us tips about shoulders and chins up and things like that.
Caitlin (BC): I’ve done a couple of runway shoes before, but we’ve been practicing all day and just going through it. It’ll be good!

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Sora Hwang


Sora Hwang, originally from New Jersey, is a journalism major at Northeastern University. On campus, she is involved in the Student Government Association, Northeastern University Figure Skating Club, Haute Fashion (as an editor) and Her Campus Northeastern (as secretary). In any spare time she can manage, she edits pieces for Pink & Black Magazine as its Life Editor and for Mochi Magazine as its Associate Managing Editor. Over summer 2012, she studied documentary filmmaking in Rome and hopes to expand her knowledge in video editing and production. In addition, she loves playing with her puppies, curling up with hot chocolate, and annoying her friends with her indecisiveness.