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The 7 Cheugiest Trends To Avoid This Summer

You’re probably already aware of the new aesthetic floating around on TikTok called “cheugy.” If something is cheugy, it’s outdated – or in my opinion, cringey. Cheugy trends are things that were once popular, but should under no circumstances make a comeback. Chevron pattern is cheugy, Ugg boots are cheugy. But the cheugy trends don’t just end at fashion that should’ve been left in the 2010s – here are seven of the cheugiest trends of summer:

Water Parks 

Maybe COVID-19 brought out the germaphobe in me, but the water park is the last place I’ll be this summer. The thought of slimy little kids running around with a hotdog in their hand while they wait in line for a water slide soaking wet just embodies the cheugy aesthetic. I would rather do a slip-n-slide in my backyard than have the constant smell of chlorine and sweaty kids while I try to soak up the sun and have some fun.  

Patterned Leggings

Don’t get me wrong, patterned leggings can be done right when the prints are minimalistic. However, the loud, obnoxious floral or galaxy leggings should have been left in the dust years ago. These leggings are the equivalent of the male long sleeve Vineyard Vines shirts.


The act of tie-dyeing is a fun summer activity that will never go out of style, but if you actually wear the tie-dyed items, you are cheugy. Tie-dye is a fashion trend that gives me major Tumblr vibes, and let’s just say that anything created in the Tumblr era is cheugy. The only time it’s right to wear tie-dye is if you’re paying tribute to the great eras of the ’60s and ’70s. 

Prints Like Flamingo Or Pineapple

If Taylor Swift gets a flamingo or swan pool float, I do, too, so I’m excluding them from this narrative. However, if a tumbler, shirt, or hat has a print with pineapples or flamingoes, it’s cheugy. These are items that could have been found in Delia’s back in 2014 (no shade to Delia’s, but there’s a reason their stores aren’t open anymore!) and gives off preppy mom vibes. 

Koozies With Cheesy Quotes

Really anything that has cheesy quotes on it is cheugy. If you own a koozie that says “High tides and good vibes” or “Salt in the air, sand in my hair,” please put it in that one junk drawer in your house and never bring it back out. I’m all about keeping my drinks cool, but why don’t we opt for a monochromatic look?

Anything Sheer & Neon

Listen, if something reminds you of all the boys that you went to middle school with, it’s cheugy. Sheer, neon clothing just screams middle school boys in 2015 – you know the ones, right? They wore all neon outfits with the high neon Nike elite socks. To be quite frank, I don’t want to be reminded of that time when I wear my current clothing.

Flip Flops

No, I’m not talking about cute strappy sandals or slides. I am talking about those cheap foam flip flops that need to be retired. They’re cheap and convenient, yes, but I can’t tell you how many times these flip flops have broken or ripped. Not to mention they always come in the worst colors or patterns. Something about them just screams community pool and, similar to the water park, that is something I won’t be partaking in this summer.

Let’s be real, we’ve all participated in cheugy trends, and what’s popular today will be cheugy tomorrow. Trends are constantly changing or coming back into style, so why not have a little fun? The “cheugy” aesthetic is all about poking fun at those outdated styles and embracing our own “cheugyness.” After all, I’d be lying if I said that I don’t have a pair of UGG boots in sitting my closet. 

Hannah is an 19-year old who is a Sophomore at Florida State University. She has a strong love for traveling and exploring life's hidden treasures. She enjoys blogging and capturing moments through photography and drawing.
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