Can We Just Talk About Some of the Insanely Cool Outfits Dua Lipa Has Worn on Her Tour?

Dua Lipa, of “IDGAF” fame, is currently on tour with Bruno Mars and rocking everyone’s world with outfit after outfit of perfection. Recently, her thigh-high Barbie pink boots got lots of attention in Paris.


Puss in boots will forever be my style inspo

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She has quickly become a fashion icon and seems to be channeling her inner Lady Gaga—evidence can be found on her Instagram photos from throughout her Self-Titled Tour, as well as her current performances supporting Bruno Mars. Dua Lipa was gorgeous to begin with, and she makes fashion choices that others might shy away from because they’re unconventional or "too risky." But in the case of this singer, she’s almost becoming an embodiment of the “It’s ugly until Rihanna decides it’s not” meme.

For example, this yellow plaid two piece jumpsuit? Only she can make it work.

It's a little unfair that this looks so fine on her. And when she wears more established styles, no one can argue that she doesn't look incredible. For example, she made us remember why we loved the early 2000s at the Hollywood Palladium.

In Perth, she went for hot-and-cold look of sheer, sparkling pants and a denim jacket.

Off-stage in Perth, she was rocking another sheer piece while taking the town.


Dude where’s my car @pixielevinson

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And she gave some Madonna-pajama realness in a cone bra in Melbourne.

And speaking of pajamas, here's an outfit she posted off-stage, which she captioned, "I yelled sleepover like I would’ve yelled worldstar."


I yelled sleepover like I would’ve yelled worldstar

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The take-away from all of this is that even when she's going to sleep, Dua Lipa is dressed like the thing of dreams.