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Meet the Joe Biden-Themed Beauty Brand That’s Amping up Voter Participation

He was the former vice president and is the current 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, but now Joe Biden is also the face of an emerging nonprofit beauty brand with over 3,000 Instagram followers

Biden Beauty went public on Instagram last month with its first post urging eligible Gen Z voters to come out and vote for the Democratic candidate. Since then, its feed has now grown to over 50 posts, ranging from more informative voting graphics to reposts of people wearing bright, blue eyeshadow, showing their support for the Biden-Harris campaign.



Voting is crucial and statistics show that Gen Z (those born between 1996 and 2015) can make or break this election. For 2020, Pew Research projects one out of ten eligible voters will represent Gen Z, which will compose 24 million potential voters. But amount eligible Gen Z voters from the 2019 primaries, data showed only 30% voted, a historically low number. We have the opportunity to change this, America! Let’s empower ourselves to sign up to vote. Let’s encourage our friends and family to get to the polls. Let’s rise together and get our nation back on track. Let’s vote @joebiden & @kamalaharris on November 3rd. ???? #joebiden #kamalaharris #votejoebiden #voteblue2020 #genzvoters

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However, despite the brand’s distinctly clear and “woke” voice, its founders kept their identities anonymous before (and a few days after) it officially launched. It was only last week that TMZ confirmed that the men’s beauty website, Very Good Life, and its founder, David Yi were the “industry players” behind Biden Beauty. 

In an interview with The List, the company stated that its mission was to showcase the diversity of the United States, while also encouraging voters to come to polls with their “best face forward.”

Despite branding itself as a beauty company, however, the only items displayed for sale are a BIDEN Beat Makeup Sponge, a packet of assorted pins and stickers, a unisex hoodie, and a printed tote bag. I also might mention that the prices of the items were marked as $20.20, $7.70, $46.00, and $15.00, respectively (pretty clever choice of numbers, if you ask me). 



It’s time to get the vote look. ???? #bidenbeauty

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Now, even before Yi and his team revealed themselves, it’s clear that the 77-year-old Democratic presidential nominee didn’t launch his company on his own accord, or even his campaign team. The bio of the company’s Instagram account reads, “America’s softest face is also its toughest. The year’s most important influencer brand. Blend it like Biden. ?????” 

Additionally, the language used on the Biden Beauty website also points to the fact that the company is marketed towards a very niche, millennial and Gen Z demographic. The company’s PR team also isn’t afraid to take a jab at the president. For example, on its FAQ page, it is written, “We currently ship to all states within the United States. The only state we don’t ship to is that state of denial Donald Trump is in,” and “Vote Blue and cancel out Orange.”

Whether you’re amused by the company’s slightly satirical voice, or find it a bit much, what’s worth knowing before actually making a purchase is that 100% of proceeds go to the Biden-Harris campaign. 

And according to the website’s FAQ tab, after the 2020 election, they’re closing up shop, meaning that all of their merchandise is limited-edition. 

So while you’re able to, go get your BEAT Biden Beauty Sponge, because like this election, your window of time to take action is small.

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