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The Best & Worst Looks in ‘Bachelor’ History

March 25th marks the 13th anniversary of the premiere of The Bachelor, making it a day for which we’ll forever be grateful. Throughout the series’ run, we’ve seen heartbreak, tears, and short-lived love. We’ve also been given a big ‘ole dose of unforgettable fashion moments, whether they be good or bad. To celebrate the occassion, we’re counting down some of the best and worst looks from the show, and just for good measure, we didn’t forget about our ladies from The Bachelorette

The Best

6. Andi Dorfman

Our first thought? Oh, we forgot Andi once dated our recently engaged Bachelor. After that was settled, we couldn’t help but drool over her perfectly prim Derby-date dress. 

5. Desiree Hartsock

Disregard the fact that Des was bawling her eyes out over Brooks’ sudden departure. This coral printed maxi dress, which served as a laid-back alternative to the usual stuffy rose ceremony gowns, was just the right choice for the remainder of her stay in Antigua. 

4. Ali Fedotowsky

The series’ proposal dresses tend to be way over-done with lots of bling and sparkle, which is why Ali’s pale flowy gown was a welcome change from what we’re used to seeing.

3. Sarah Herron

Sarah didn’t stick around Sean’s season of The Bachelor quite long enough for us to catch on to her killer sense of style, but a second chance at love on Bachelor in Paradise gave us just a hint of what she’s capable of. This floral maxi dress is the tip of the iceberg in terms of her fab wardrobe selections.

2. Catherine Giudici

We can count Catherine’s stunning wedding dress since her ceremony with Sean aired on TV, right? Okay, good. We’ve seen more than a few Bachelor weddings since the beginning of the franchise, but Catherine’s is by far our favorite bridal gown. 

1. Emily Maynard

This gorgeously layered, elegant gown still makes our jaws drop. Emily’s promotional photos in the dress, clearly meant to look like a rose, set the stage for a season that wouldn’t disappoint when it came to style!

The Worst

6. Courtney Robertson

In a move to rival Amal’s gloved turn at the Golden Globes, Courtney somehow thought it was a good idea to make getting to her ring finger practically impossible as she set off to meet Bachelor Ben on Proposal Mountain.

5. Ben’s snow bunnies

We should’ve known that Ben was behind having these poor women unwillingly ski in climate-confused ensembles. We can’t decide if this is better or worse than Chris’ plot to make his potential wives tractor race in their bikinis…

4. Becca Tilley

This horror is still pretty fresh in our minds, and not just because of Becca’s inability to show any emotion after Chris dumped her. No, it’s the red velvet dress that we can’t reconcile ourselves with, and we pray that someone else told Becca this was a good idea. That being said, we do have to admit they were on a wintry field in Iowa, so maybe she was just going for practicality.

3. Britt Nilsson

The off-the-shoulders crop top, shirt tied around her waist, and ripped jeans. We get it, Britt; you’re trying to bring the grungy side of the ’90s back. But we’re really not buying what you’re selling.

2. This girl

Sources tell us this young lady’s name is Amy. We’re surprised we heard them over her shirt.

1. Nikki Ferrell

That fringe! Those low-cut, loudly-printed lounge pants! We shudder to think that Nikki believed this outfit to be appropriate for a date.

What other looks would you add to our list, collegiettes?

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