I Tested These Weekender Bags, & It's Official: They're the Best Travel Bags for Summer

If it were up to me, every weekend would be a weekend getaway: I want to spend Friday on a flight, or a train, with a good book and a glass of rosé; I want to spend Saturday on an adventure, seeing the sights of a new city; I want to spend Sunday lazing around a gorgeous hotel room, or taking a quiet stroll down an artful street. Hey, a girl can dream, right? Luckily, it's basically summer, and that means every weekend can be a weekend getaway (as long as you can get off work, ugh). Even if you can only grab a weekend here and there to head somewhere new, there's one essential you need to have your best summer trip ever: a really, really good weekender bag to travel with.

When it comes to style, I like to do my research, so I grabbed some Her Campus editors to try out the bags that we were starting to see EVERYWHERE: Dagne Dover. Their elevated bags are straight up gorgeous, while also being 100% functional, so we decided to put them to the test.

Here are some of our faves, and where to find them so you, too, can live your most Insta-worthy travel dreams. 

  1. 1. This perfect carry-on backpack

    Dakota Backpack, Dagne Dover, $195; Shop now

  2. 2. This gorgeous carryall 

    Landon Carryall, Dagne Dover, $135; Shop now

  3. 3. This chic makeup bag

    Hunter Toiletry Bag, Dagne Dover, $35; Shop now

  4. 4. This oversized carryall

    Landon Carryall (Large), Dagne Dover, $185; Shop now

  5. 5. This essential pouch

    Scout Pouch, Dagne Dover, $45; Shop now

  6. 6. This dreamy overnight bag

    Dakota Backpack (Medium), Dagne Dover, $175; Shop now

What we ended up loving most about these bags is that they really are worth the price tag. In a time of products that look good for Instagram, it can be hard to tell which ones are ACTUALLY worth the cost. After all, a weekender bag is an investment, so it's not something you want to have to re-purchase year after year. These bags are just as functional and practical as they are sleek and gorgeous, and the endless secret pockets and smart features mean they'll be handy for years and years to come.