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The anticipated chill in the air is coming quicker than ever, and you don’t want your skin to suffer because you didn’t moisturize. As the fall rolls in, products with extra hydration and soothing ingredients are going to be your BFF! And don’t forget the SPF — it’s not only reserved for the summer months. Her Campus writers and editors went on the prowl testing various skin care products to decide the best of the best in cleansers, moisturizers, eye creams, and more. We’re delighted to announce the products we couldn’t get enough of for this year’s College Beauty Awards. 

Nourishing skin masks, retinol serums, and exfoliating treatments galore! You can now turn your bathroom into a world-renowned, five-star spa. We can’t promise a Swedish massage or dainty finger foods, but your skin barrier will remain taut and lively as you endure the frost to come. You may need two Ulta Beauty shopping baskets to stock up on these incredible products we know you’ll love! It’ll be so worth it.

Rebels Refinery 100% Natural Face Wash ($15)

This 100% natural face wash won’t break the bank or strip your skin. Just ask Mya, who says, “This face wash smelled AMAZING (even though it’s fragrance-free) and it made me feel so refreshed when washing my face in the morning! I loved the way it lathered, and the packaging is so cute!”

StriVectin Multi-Action Clear Gentle Daily Clarifying Cleanser ($29)

The StriVectin Multi-Action Clear Gentle Daily Clarifying Cleanser serves as a remover of excess oil and annoying pore-cloggers. Eliana raves about how well it treated her skin concerns, saying, “This product was perfect for me, as I have hyperpigmentation and sensitive skin. Throughout my time using the product, I noticed my dark spots and acne clearing. It’s also a reasonable price!”

Dr. Jart+ Vital Hydra Solution Hydro-Plump Water Cream ($36)

Korean skincare is taking over the world, and Gen Zers everywhere are obsessed with Dr. Jart+’s products. They’re highly innovative and a great addition to any skincare routine. This lightweight moisturizer includes hyaluronic acid, which promises to hydrate your skin. “It feels very smooth and smells very pleasant,” Kayleigh says.

Thayers Natural Remedies Soak It Up 80HR Liquid Moisturizer ($19)

Wow, 80 hours of moisturization?! This bottle sure does pack the punch, and you can’t help but love its longevity. Leia is a big fan, who says, “I noticed a difference in my skin after using this product, and I think it’s a good product to use for hydrating your skin!” 

CeraVe Skin Renewing Nightly Exfoliating Treatment ($32)

CeraVe’s Skin Renewing Nightly Exfoliating Treatment is perfect for stubborn skin issues. Julianna says she has blackheads, “but the nightly treatment has really helped clean out my pores for smoother skin, especially on my nose. The consistency is light but creamy, and doesn’t feel heavy on my skin!” 

Fenty Skin Thicc N Smooth Rich Peptide Eye Cream ($42)

RiRi can do no wrong. Her Thicc N Smooth Rich Peptide Eye Cream is a skincare dream! Ellie can’t get enough of its buttery texture, saying it “feels like a soft blanket is going under your eyes. I really liked how moisturized and hydrated my undereyes felt. I did see less darkness under my eyes after using it!”

Shani Darden Skin Care Signature Nourishing Facial Mask ($58)

No one does a clay mask quite like Shani Darden. Her Signature Nourishing Skin Mask is a fighting agent against irritation and redness. Colloidal oatmeal is the main ingredient in this whipped mask, perfect for eczema-prone users. “I love that you apply it with a brush for an even application,” Eileen says. “It really makes the product go on so much better. I also found the packaging of this to be very appealing. Additionally, I liked that it was fragrance-free.”

Three Ships Beauty Skin Hero Bakuchiol + Bio-Retinol Serum ($38)

Let’s sail away with Three Ships’ Skin Hero Bakuchiol + Bio-Retinol Serum! This serum is packed with bakuchiol, calendula, and rosehip fruit oil to reduce fine lines and blemishes and soothe the skin. Plenty of serums can be too tough on the skin, but this one serves as Madison’s new favorite. “This one is specifically made with natural ingredients, making it OK to use every day for my sensitive skin,” she says.

Higher Education Skincare GPA – 10% Vitamin C Serum ($48)

Time to hit the books with Higher Education Skincare’s GPA serum! A good Vitamin C serum is crucial for any routine, as it naturally brightens your skin tone and will leave your skin radiantly fresh. Hailey loves it — she says, “It definitely gave my skin a healthy glow, seemed to battle acne and redness, and left my skin feeling refreshed.”

Undefined Beauty R&R Hydro Jelly ($22)

The packaging alone will have you adding this product to your cart. Undefined Beauty’s R&R Hydro Jelly is able to deliver hydration while firming and replenishing the skin barrier. It’s the perfect prebiotic face and eye serum that’ll leave your skin plump. “This makes me feel like a glazed doughnut in the best way possible,” Julia says. “My skin is hydrated and glowing. The packaging is so cute that I leave the serum on display on my dresser.”

Hadiyah is a Journalism major studying at Temple University. When she's not working on articles for various publications, she enjoys trying new restaurants and listening to music. Her two favorite things: pasta and Drake.