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Photo by Cortland Tate/Tate Productions
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Gen Z Showed Up & Showed Out At College Fashionista’s Creators Loft

College Fashionista hosted Gen Z’s New York Fashion Week flagship event, Creators Loft, and let me tell you: everyone in attendance was serving fashion. Hosted in NYC’s Union Square, the event featured exclusive panels, networking opportunities, Instagrammable decor, and some of the best looks of NYFW. Couture runways, move over: The best looks from Creators Loft were so good.

NYFW is always full of celebrities and big-time fashion icons — but I think that Gen Z influencers deserve just as much attention as the folks walking the runways. At the Spring 2024 Creators Loft, Gen Zers showed up and showed out in the hottest, trendiest, and most unique looks yet. Taking inspiration from College Fashionista’s annual Trend Report, attendees wore everything from chic, timeless looks to statement pieces that had me absolutely gagged. As I moved through the crowd, I had to stifle the urge to ask every single person where they got their shoes, pants, dresses, and jackets — otherwise, I would’ve been holding up these fashionistas for hours.

While many are waiting for the chance to strut their stuff at CF’s next Creators Loft, I still cannot get over some of these looks from Gen Z’s Spring 2024 NYFW stage. So, whether you’re already looking for inspo for the next Creators Loft or if you’re just looking for the best trends to incorporate into your winter wardrobe, here are the 10 best looks from CF’s Creators Loft.

Denim-on-Denim (On-Denim)
Photo by Cortland Tate/Tate Productions

Denim is having another moment in 2024. These denim-on-denim sets were equal parts simple, yet interesting. Canadian tuxedo who?

A Statement red
Photo by Cortland Tate/Tate Productions

Gen Z painted the town red at Creators Loft. (I said what I said!) This statement red jacket brought a pop of color to this fashionista’s preppy look — perfect for a chic NYFW look.

Light Academia
Photo by Cortland Tate/Tate Productions

Preppy, academic looks were all the rage this NYFW. I’m absolutely obsessed with the chunky, cable knit sweater and the gorgeous embroidered loafers in this look. It’s giving Blair Waldorf in the best way.

Bold pieces
Photo by Cortland Tate/Tate Productions

NYFW 2024 was for the bold, and I was here for it. This duo hit Creators Loft with funky sunglasses and statement pieces, which were balanced perfectly with casual staples.

Matching sets
Photo by Cortland Tate/Tate Productions

There’s nothing I love more than a matching set, and NYFW confirmed that sets are in for 2024. This attendee wore an adorable printed denim set that featured some totally gag-worthy sleeves.

Lace-up Looks
Photo by Cortland Tate/Tate Productions

CF’s DJ came to serve. This edgy look featured lace-up detailing that gave off the perfect rockstar vibes. BRB, trying to find a dupe for this stunning ‘fit.

Florals for spring
Photo by Cortland Tate/Tate Productions

This stunning look offered a chic take on classic spring florals. I’m obsessed with this black and white look, which featured stunning floral embroidery. And the sparkly headband? Obsessed.

Indie sleaze & Tumblr core
Photo by Cortland Tate/Tate Productions

As a former 2014 Tumblr kid, I couldn’t be happier that indie sleaze and Tumblr core are making a comeback. This duo stood out in an edgy, sheer, all-black look (that I would’ve reblogged in the 2010s) and a colorful mini dress paired with a statement coat. These looks aren’t a want. They’re a need.

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories
Photo by Cortland Tate/Tate Productions

Whoever said accessories aren’t a necessity was wrong. This stunning look effortlessly mixed textures and accessories (like the sheer scarf, hip jewelry, and a simple bag) to create an outfit that was interesting and unique.

Photo by Cortland Tate/Tate Productions

Like denim, leather is also having a massive moment in 2024. Layering a simple white corset dress with leather accessories like a jacket, knee-high boots, and a chunky leather bag gave this look an edgy feel.

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