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college beauty awards lips
college beauty awards lips
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These Lip Products Won Her Campus’ 2023 College Beauty Awards

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Fall is here, and that definitely means gearing up for a weather change. With cooler weather comes a change in clothes, hair, and, of course, a change in beauty products. We all know that the cold air outside, especially mixed with the heated air inside, can sometimes lead to those dreaded chapped lips. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Not to worry, though. For the 2023 College Beauty Awards, Her Campus writers and editors tested a ton of different lip products to find the ones that’ll keep your lips moisturized and hydrated this season. From your favorite makeup companies to the up-and-coming ones, we’ve got you covered with nine lip products to add to your beauty bag this semester. 

Our testers chose their favorite (and the best) liquid lipsticks, lip scrubs, liners, masks, and more as the winners of this year’s College Beauty Awards. With each lip product, not only will you be set for the fall, but by the end of this list, you’ll be running to your nearest Ulta Beauty to add these products to your cart. Grab your cards, besties — it’s time to start shopping.

Ghlee Lip Scrub ($15)

This Ghlee 3-in-1 lip scrub is the ultimate product for maintaining clean, exfoliated, and conditioned lips. “I love a good lip scrub, and this one is amazing,” Tina says. “The scrub itself has a great consistency. It goes on smooth, leaving my lips feeling soft and hydrated after use. It also smells awesome!”

Ghlee Lip Mask ($23)

This Ghlee Lip Mask deeply hydrates and moisturizes your lips, leaving them soothed and soft. “This product absolutely looks like it belongs in a kitchen,” Julia says. “It’s amazing. My lips are soft and supple, and it’s unscented, which I always prefer.”

Kosas Wet Stick ($24)

The Kosas Wet Stick is the perfect combination of sheer and shine. With its simple yet bold look, this lip product is just right for all the balmy lipstick lovers! “It was nice putting on, and I loved the Sunset Simmer shade,” Kaytlyn says. “This product smelled really good. The packaging was gorgeous and would catch my eye in the store.”

Fenty Beauty Icon Velvet Liquid Lipstick ($29)

Fenty Beauty’s Velvet Liquid Lipstick is the definition of iconic. With its bright and pigmented shades, this lipstick gives you a bold look with just one swipe! Plus, its eye-catching design takes it to another level. Gracen says, “The lipstick applies very smoothly and looks wonderful on the lips. The packaging is NEXT LEVEL — I seriously gasped when I saw how beautiful the product’s tubes were.”

Beauty Pie Smooth Ahead Intensive Lip Balm ($30)

Ready for the ultimate lip balm guaranteed to give you the smoothest lips? This Beauty Pie lip balm promises moisture thanks to a mixture of avocado, olive oils, and hemp seeds. “I loved the pink packaging and how the balm was designed, and the formula was very smooth,” Leia says. “I will defintiely use this during the colder months when my lips get dry.”

Armani Beauty Lip Power Long-Lasting Matte Lipstick ($45)

This Armani Beauty lipstick gives a whole new meaning to matte lipsticks — it promises a perfect matte glow for up to 10 hours! “Matte lipsticks tend to flake up on my lips after a few hours of wearing them, but this product stayed smooth on my lips,” Monyka says. “I wore it to the Beyoncé show in Miami, and through the three hours of screaming and crying I did, the lips remained on throughout the whole night.”

CATRICE Cosmetics Plumping Lip Liner ($4)

You’ve never seen a lip liner like the CATRICE Cosmetics Plumping Lip Liner. This affordable and long-lasting lip liner is one-of-a-kind, with its matte finish and smudge-free and waterproof formula. “The color range is INCREDIBLE, and the plumping actually worked. I didn’t expect it to plump like a lip gloss, but my lips were fuller,” Ashley says. “All my usual lip liners were wiped off within the first hour of my day, and these stayed on all day.”

ICONIC London Fuller Pout Sculpting Lip Liner ($19)

There’s a reason the word “fuller” is in the name of the ICONIC London Fuller Pout Lip Liner. With its ability to define fuller-looking lips for you, this is the lip liner you just have to add to your cart. Gracen says, “This product is super creamy, and applying it felt great on my skin. Loved the colors it came in.”

Glossier G Suit ($22)

This Glossier lipstick is the lip product guaranteed to suit you! Available in 10 different colors, the buttery soft consistency is both pleasant and flexible for everyday wear. “I love the color! It feels soft and hydrating on my lips,” Tina says. “It also has great staying power — I kept going to the bathroom to reapply during events and realized it was still perfectly intact.”

Diamond Moore is a Style contributor for the Her Campus national team. She writes articles about beauty, style, and decor. Beyond contributing for Her campus, Diamond is also a Newsbreak contributor, where she has her own page that keeps readers updated on the latest news regarding celebrity and pop culture. She recently earned her Bachelor's Degree in Media Communication from Saint Xavier University in May 2023. Diamond's favorite hobbies include watching Netflix documentaries, creating video and audio productions, and doing freelance photography. She is a big Marvel geek, and hopes to one day become a successful movie producer or creative director and have her own media company.